We should trade up for Jack

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We should trade up for Jack

Postby Pudge » Mon Apr 18, 2016 10:15 pm

How are the powers that be going to seriously expect us to buy into this team when Paul Worrilow is still the starting Middle linebacker of the team?

This isn't personal with Worrilow, but it's like the rest of the world is taking crazy pills with how everybody that works in the buildings at Flowery Branch seem to love this dude despite the fact that he sucks.

They have to be working on trading up for UCLA's All-Universe linebacker Myles Jack, otherwise they cannot claim competency and good leadership going into another year with Worrilow "leading" us. This is a terrible MLB draft. It goes from Bobby Wagner (Jack) to Curtis Lofton (Ragland) to Malcolm Smith (Lee) real damn quick.

If they move up for Jack without giving up next year's 1st round pick, how is that not a magnificent trade?

If the Falcons kept their 1st in 2012 in the Julio trade, there wouldn't be a single person beefing with that trade. They would've had David DeCastro had they kept that #1 in 2012 instead of Peter Konz and a lot of headaches at RG over the past 4 years would've been cured.

You get Jack and then hit on a pass-rusher in next year's draft which is BTW stacked with potential top 50 picks at EDGE rusher. There's like 8 in the SEC alone. All of a sudden, you have a team that is Beasley + 2017 DL + Jack + Trufant. If you can find a halfway decent safety, you're really starting to cook on defense by 2018.

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Re: We should trade up for Jack

Postby thescout » Tue Apr 19, 2016 12:11 am

Pudge you need to go down to visit the powers that be with the Falcons and explain it. I highly doubt Td and company would be serious about moving up.They probably think whoever is at 17 with the right coaching could be a pro bowler.If they would only know the stats that very few of these players will be pro bowlers.Most don't live up to potential and are Jags. We have to hope Jack slides a bit about the only way the Falcons have a shot to move up and get him.

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Re: We should trade up for Jack

Postby dwmyers » Wed Apr 20, 2016 11:01 pm

At this point, don't see how Jack slips, worst case, past #6.

Dallas might trade if they are so in love with Jalen Ramsay that they lose it when San Diego picks him. Possible. Possible that they draft Jack despite causing position issues with Sean Lee. Jax needs top rate defensive help, and Baltimore is a /smart/ team. Someone will drop into their lap, Tunsil in some mocks.


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