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NFL Rules Game

Postby PB21 » Sun May 07, 2006 9:54 am

Rules, rules, rules,...that's what the NFL is all about. From game rules to players rules, and from owner's rules to union rules, it's rules that rule the NFL.

There are the game rules that fill a fat book lining out the guidelines in which NFL officials enforce, and often too many times interpret on their own, upon the players to ensure there's no team having an unfair advantage,...I almost wanna say BS to myself there.

Then there's rules covering the mechanics of the game. Play clock, 25 second clock, the change from a 15 minute to a 10 minute halftime, stuff like that. The rules governing the owners are pretty much behind the scene, as the owners police themselves behind mahogony doors in leather chairs in tall ivory towers.

The Deion Sanders rule about how the Niners paid the guy a ridiculous amount of signing bonus money in order to stay under the salary cap. That was back when the gangster Eddie was the GM in San Fran. The NFL created a rule, by necessity, to limit signing bonus percentages of the contract, or something like that to keep the salary cap from being a joke.

But the most interesting rules are the ones created by the NFL front office and the owners when a player, or players, actions before and during a game become sensational. Yes, when Icky Woods did the shuffle thing for the Bengals years ago, he was forced to do his dance, after scoring, on the sideline near the Cincy bench, remember that? The Rams' bob and weave, remember that? After the season they did this hilarious celebration, the NFL outlawed such things. Later, the NFL relented and allowed only the guy that scored to celebrate.

And then there's Terrell Owens and the rule that states a player can't have things in his uniform, such as a pen, to sign a football and hand it to his agent, who by the way appeared like a mobster to some. Joe Horn made sure this rule was to be after he pulled a cell phone out after scoring a TD a few years ago.

Remember the Emmitt Smith rule? After he'd score, he'd jerk his helmet off and open his eyes wide and stare at the adoring Dallas crowd as they nearly went into worship mode over some kind of god they were bowing to. The following season it was a 15 yard smak for doing so,...even to the point it was the rule that a player couldn't take his helmet off on the field, period, during the game.

There are more rules created by the league because of actions of players,...but remember on opening Monday night last season in Atlanta?

The Falcons acquired special teams ace Ike Reese from the Eagles before the 2005 season. Reese is a firey type guy and he apparently alerted the Falcons to something the Eagles do when they're visiting. The Eagles, as a team, when they are visiting another team would go to the center of the field and all of them would jump and down on the opposing team's logo in an exhibition of total and complete lack of respect and class. They'd do this right before they were to go into the locker room just before kickoff. Other than this being a classless act by an entire team, it almost caused a pregame brawl as the Falcons weren't gonna go for that s***. Just before the incident, a guy that parks in hadicapped parking spaces illegally, Jeremiah Trotter and the Falcons nickel back Kevin Mathis were ejected for throwing punches during warmups. Trotter threw the first punch after slow motion review, but the Madden of course accused Mathis of doing so,...idiot. Anyway, the warmups were over and here came the Eagles to do their dirty dance,...but the Falcons were already there on their logo waiting,...jumping up and down on THEIR logo,...and there was a huge faceoff at midfield. Officials jumped between the teams as well as coaches and the game ensued. You can't tell me Eagles coaches knew what was gonna happen.

So now there's the new rule created THAT FOLLOWING WEEK that created an area at the middle of the field in which players warming up cannot trespass upon.

There has to be more rules created over things like this incident. Feel free to inform.

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