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 Post subject: Ed Hartwell chat
PostPosted: Thu Aug 10, 2006 3:38 pm 
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Edgerton Hartwell: (2:10 PM ET ) Hello everyone! I'm really sorry. They called a meeting for the veterans and I had to go to that. But I'm here now until 2:30 ET!

Out to Lunch (Rochelle Park, NJ): Who is the toughest RB to tackle in the league?

Edgerton Hartwell: (2:11 PM ET ) I would give it to the Bus but he just retired. Hmm.. I guess I would say Taylor in Jacksonville. He has incredible speed. He won't just bowl you over but he has the speed to go right around you. But he also is a big guy and can put that shoulder down at the same time.

Nick (Englewood, NJ): Whats the hardest part about rehab?

Edgerton Hartwell: (2:12 PM ET ) It felt like a 12 hour job for a month. I was waking up at 6am to go to rehab and not get home until around 8pm. I just rehabbed all day long, 6 days a week. It was a full time job. I wanted to be back by the start of the season and had to stay focused on rehab and nothing else. That was the hardest part. My ultimate goal was to play for my team. Other guys had the same injury and aren't doing what I'm doing now.

David (Chicago): Who's gonna be the biggest surprise on the offensive side of the ball this season?

Edgerton Hartwell: (2:13 PM ET ) Roddy White is making some big big catches. He is really going to come out of his shell this year.

Macomb (Illinois): Ed Do you remember what you dressed as in a talent show at WIU your senior year and how is Fife doing?

Edgerton Hartwell: (2:14 PM ET ) Fife is doing good. He is an FBI agent now! He loves doing that. I remember. But I'm not going to tell the world. But I will say we should have won and not come in second!

ne_ATL (Atlanta): Will you play in tomorrows game here in ATL?

Edgerton Hartwell: (2:15 PM ET ) Yes, I will be playing. You can't pay me enough to sit out enough game. I will be in for about 6-10 snaps to get my feet wet. I just want to hit somebody really hard whether they have the ball or not to make myself feel better.

Brian (Pasadena): How much have you seen of Reggie Bush?

Edgerton Hartwell: (2:16 PM ET ) I've seen a lot of highlights. As a LB dealing with RBs, you study them as much as you can. In college he did lots of bouncing around people but he may have a hard time with that in the NFL. Everybody is bigger and faster up here. He will have to go through the line. How will he hold up after all the punishment? I don't know. We'll see.

Brendan (Boston): How incredible is it to watch Michael Vick game in and game out? And how happy are you that you don't have to try to tackle him?

Edgerton Hartwell: (2:17 PM ET ) Actually, in my years in Baltimore we had lots of fun tackling him! But he is great to have on your team. Coming from Baltimore our defense was our offense. We had to get the offense in scoring position or score ourselves. Here we don't have that pressure. Vick can do so much on offense with his arm and his legs. Its less stress on us.

Spencer (Calgary): Do you think pre-season is too long especially with 2 a days during the summer?

Edgerton Hartwell: (2:18 PM ET ) It is definitely too long. Back in the day guys would work another job in the summer but now you are in a program year out. You come into camp in the best shape of your life. The two a days and the long preseason is just too long.

maxwell, arkansas: are you 100% healed from your injury and will the falcons defense lead the league in sacks this season

Edgerton Hartwell: (2:19 PM ET ) I'm about 95 right now. I will be at 100 very soon. I can make the plays I need to make at 95 perecent but I will be 100 by the first game. I have to build my calf muscles back up to where they were before.

Colt (Houston, Tx): Hey Ed, I read that some players incorporate yoga into their training--do you?

Edgerton Hartwell: (2:20 PM ET ) My wife does yoga and tries to get me to do it. Every now and then I do it. But don't laugh. It's not easy. It's a workout and helps you quite a bit. I'm going to try and incorporate it into my routine more.

Tyler (Marietta, GA): How will the addition of John Abraham effect the way you play linebacker?

Edgerton Hartwell: (2:21 PM ET ) It will be great. Having a guy like him on the field will only make things easier. Teams will have to doubleteam him which will free me up to make the plays I need to make. You have to love great defensive lineman that people respect and have to account for game in and game out.

Nicholas Ferrell (Brooklyn Heights, NY): How are you preparing for your transition from a 3-4 defense to a 4-3 and how will your role change?

Edgerton Hartwell: (2:23 PM ET ) I'm more of a true LB in a 4-3. It's a different concept but you always have to hit on every play. As a MLB you have to play the gaps you have but most of the time if the ball goes right you are going to the right to make that tackle. I played in 4-3 all my life for the most part so I'm looking forward to getting back to it.

Jason (Rochester, NY): Which game are you most looking forward to this season?

Edgerton Hartwell: (2:23 PM ET ) I have a lot of games circled! The first game for sure. All the conference games. And we go to Baltimore this year! That should be fun.

steven (Marietta, GA): How is Jimmy Williams looking in practice?

Edgerton Hartwell: (2:24 PM ET ) Amazing. He is picking it up bigtime. He got the jitters out quick. He is out there making INTs and really getting at it. He has a great attitude as well. He is a great team guy.

Nupe (Bloomington, IN): Do you have any pre-game rituals?

Edgerton Hartwell: (2:25 PM ET ) I'm not sure I would call it a ritual but I pray for safety and listen to some music. I like to relax and as time goes by I go from softer music to a little harder to a little harder to something really hard right before I go out.

Brendan (Boston): Who's faster: Vick or DeAngelo Hall?

Edgerton Hartwell: (2:26 PM ET ) That's tough. Whoever gets the best start will win. It's too close to call. But Allen Rossum is probably faster than both of them! He's amazing.

Edgerton Hartwell: (2:29 PM ET ) Thanks for all the questions and all the great support over the years. Watch out for the Falcons .. our defense is going to be called the Brick Wall this year. You have to be stupid to run into a brick wall! And again, sorry I was late today because of the team meeting. I'll come back on for another chat during the season for sure. Take care!

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