Cuts and Adds

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Cuts and Adds

Postby natequinn23 » Tue Mar 08, 2005 8:08 pm

i dont know about you guys but i a little unsure about the cuts so far

Feely gone add Peterson
Mohr gone add Gowin

with all the Cuts i am not so sure that we have added enough yet to make us better

Peterson to me is not a Plus maybe on the money end but not in performace Gowin might be a slight upgrabe but i feel a little since of
no loyalty now to guys who have help move us foward

i am intrested to see what you guys think

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Postby Pudge » Wed Mar 09, 2005 1:37 am

As far as these moves go, I agree they are not improvements.

But then again, it seemed the same case when we lost both Morten and Stryz a few years back replacing them with Arians/Feely and Mohr.

DeCamillis has shown an uncanny ability to make average players much better. Mohr definitely didn't have the pedigree that Stryzinski had when he first came to Atlanta in 1995.

Gowin is a good kickoff guy, and has improved on his accuracy some over time. I wouldn't put him in the same category as Mohr or Stryz, but he should do a better job in the GA Dome than he's done in the past few years.

Peterson has been more accurate than Feely these past two years, and he too should be better indoors. He had his best years in Seattle early on in his career in the King Dome.

Basically, Mohr and Feely didn't set the world on fire, but they did what you could expect. Mohr continued the trend of having the Falcons lead the league in punt coverage year after year. And Feely boomed kickoffs and made 75% of his field goals. Neither were exceptional, but if Gowin and Peterson can do the same, we haven't lost much.

The only issues is that both Gowin and Peterson aren't young guys. Gowin is 30 and Peterson 35, so issues of what the team is going to do in 2006 comes into the equation. But both these guys will get a 1-year auditon. If they do well, then they will get extensions. If not, then the team is going to have to work on it again. But as long as DeCamillis is coaching here, I feel like the team is in good shape.

The biggest loss we'll have is that day he departs. And from what I'm hearing, his stock is really beginning to rise. He may soon become the first ST coordinator to receive a $1 million+ salary.
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