Still a lot of questions to be answered at S

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Still a lot of questions to be answered at S

Postby Pudge » Tue Mar 29, 2005 8:55 pm

We got back Keion, who I like as a player, but I'm not deluded enough to think that he should be more than a dime/#3 safety in the NFL. He's good enough to start, but if he's in your starting lineup, that should be an indication that you are in need of an upgrade. And I think that has been the case at the FS for some time now, with having Carpenter, Hall, and Bradford filling in the position since Robinson's departure. None have been all too stellar, with probably Bradford being the best among them.

Carpenter is a solid veteran presence, but none of the moves the team has made at the FS position this off-season have significantly upgraded over Hall. I think Heard and Coady are better ST players than defensive players, much like McCadam and Shabazz. Although they have starting experience, neither player has really performed well when given the chance to play. Carpenter brings some more steadiness to the position, but considering he's coming off an injury (his 2nd in 3 years), the Carpenter that was actually decent player in 2002 no longer exists.

It would seem that Josh Bullocks becomes a real attractive player right now in Round 2, but the Falcons may have to trade up to the middle portion of that round to get him. If not, then I suspect we'll have to settle for a 3rd/4th tier FS, who probably won't be able to start right away like a guy like Bullocks/Pool is capable of.

There is still hope that things have started to come together for Etric Pruitt. I haven't thought of too many promising safeties that have struggled to make a roster as rookies and then went on to have solid careers, at least in recent memory. So I'm not holding my breath for him, even though besides possibly Scott, he's our most talented safety on this roster. Maybe, we'll luck up and the light has come on.
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I agree second round most likely for a safety

Postby thescout » Tue Mar 29, 2005 10:13 pm

I can't see the falcon's drafting another player in the second other than Bullocks if it is safety.No other safety warrants a high selection so trading up is an option.Here is a thought lets say Travis johnson,pollack and matt roth and brodney pool are off the board in the 1st come he falcon's turn would the falcon's trade out of the first then pick Bullocks top 10 pick in the second and get another 4th or something?

If this happened it tells me the falcon's don't think the players available are that much better from one to another and the value of the draft is the depth in rounds 3-4.I doubt we could get Castillo if we got bullocks.It would take some creativeness to get him since he probably will go in the second 20-30 pick.

Take a look at NFL Countdown draft site I don;t remember the players but there are some intersting names he is throwing out there in all 3 rounds.

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