Jenkins to challenge Price

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Jenkins to challenge Price

Postby Pudge » Wed May 18, 2005 9:29 pm

The new hubbub is that the team is going to move Michael Jenkins to FLANKER in order to challenge Price for the starting job. This will also potentially open up playing time for Roddy White this year.

Now this move can be viewed one of many ways:

1. Gives Price some competition this year since he has yet to face any since joining the Falcons. This of course is not a bad thing.

2. Potentially costs the Falcons from starting it's two best receivers, which I believe are Jenkins and Price.

I know most people hate Price based on his lack of produciton and high salary. But I think the Falcons should let Jenkins work mostly at SPLIT END this year, since I think Dez White is the real weak link.

What if Jenkins happened to beat out Price this year? Would it be Jenkins and White as the starters? I would hope not. Maybe the Falcons really don't see Jenkins beating Price, but hope it will inspire him to take it to the next level. And then when Jenkins "fails" they will move him back to SPLIT END where by midseason he should be able to take the job from White.

Also I think this is a pre-emptive move as the Falcons expect to have Jenkins and Roddy White as the starters in the years to come. And the team knows that could come very soon, so Jenkins needs at least 1 summer at flanker under his belt. Remember that Price based on his contract becomes "cuttable" after the season, and Dez White is a free agent. So we may be seeing Jenkins and Roddy starting as soon as 2006.

I really think the Peerless Price we see this season will be much improved over past seasons. Now he may not become a Pro Bowler or exactly live up to his salary, but I think he's going to be productive and be by far our best receiver.
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