Which NFLE player has the best chance at sticking?

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Which NFLE player has the best chance at sticking?

Postby Pudge » Thu Jun 09, 2005 5:31 pm

Now that the NFL EUrope regular season is over, which allocated player do you think has the best shot at making the roster? Michael Brown still has one game left, the World Bowl this weekend.

Most NFLE players are longshots because they don't get the chance to work in the team's off-season conditioning program, so they are a little less known by the coaching staff. But a guy that has a big year in Europe, if he can hit the ground running early in training camp has a good chance at sticking. Here are our 7 allocated players stats:

TE Mark Anelli
9 GP/8 GS; 36 rec., 395 yds, 11.0 avg 3 TDs

LB Michael Brown
10 GP/9 GS; 37 tk, 2 sk, 7 PD, 1 FR, 4 STT, 1 INT

WR Romby Bryant
10 GP/9 GS; 20 rec., 431 yds, 21.6 avg, 3 TD, 3 STT

OT Shawn Draper
10 GP/9 GS; 5 @ LT, 4 @ LG

CB Eric Joyce
8 GP/3 GS; 8 tk, 4 PD, 1 INT, 20 yds, 3 STT

C Mike Mabry
10 GP/10 GS; 10 @ C, 1 STT

S Shawn Mayer
10 GP/10 GS; 56 tk, 9 PD, 2 FF, 1 FR, 7 STT, 5 INT, 48 yds

I would have to say that Mayer and Brown seem to have the best shots. The team is likely going to keep 7 linebackers. Six of them (barring injury) are pretty much locked with Williams, Reese, Brooking, Hartwell, Boley, and Beck. The last player will most likely be whomever performs the best on special teams. Brown brings a lot of speed to the unit, and seemingly from his stats in NFLE, he can play in coverage and cover on special teams.

The safety position is a real tossup. Although one would think Heard, Coady, Pruitt, and McCadam all have much stronger chances than Mayer, they may not because of the salary cap. The may find itself only keeping 1 or 2 of those 4 players I mentioned, and instead giving the final roster spot to a ST guy like Mayer.

Draper and Mabry have decent chances, but are really only targetted as practice squad guys. I'd be surprised to see Draper make the roster over Stokes, Omiyale, and Jared Peck. Mabry is down on the depth chart at center since King, Pearson, Lehr, and even Bibla are ahead of him at this point.

Joyce is a long shot since he didn't do much in Europe (partly due to injury) and because I see the team keeping Morton over him.

Bryant is another long shot that I don't see making the roster. He has experience on special teams, which he will need, and showed in Europe that can be a good downfield threat, but the competition at WR is really stacked against him.

Anelli has a decent chance and has pretty good hands. But he'll need to improve his blocking in order to stick on this roster.
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