Looking ahead to 2007

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Looking ahead to 2007

Postby Pudge » Tue Jul 12, 2005 1:05 am

For anyone who's been reading PFT for the past few months, I'm sure you're well aware of the "quiet hysteria" that is the CBA and the potential for labor unhappiness in the coming years. Here's the latest:

There's a growing sense in league circles that the large market teams will acquire more and more leverage in the ongoing debate over revenue sharing the longer that the situation remains unresolved.

Why? Because the looming uncapped year plays directly into the hands of guys like Dan Snyderbrenner and Jerry Jones, who would -- if they could -- buy up all of the available talent on the free-agent market in any given year.

So the rich will be willing to drop lots of riches in 2007, when the salary cap won't limit their acquisition of players.

Sure, there still will be limits on player movement, as we've previously explained in this space. Only players with six years of credited service whose contracts expire after 2006 will be eligible for unrestricted free agency; the rest will be subject to restricted free agent tenders. Also, the finalists for the conference championships will face restrictions on the acquisition of talent, as will the teams that lose in the divisional round of the playoffs. And teams will be permitted to designate up to two transition players.

Still, with each passing month the teams that generate the most revenue look forward to a one-season shot at breaking the bank in an effort to buy a 'Bardi. And that's all the more reason for the NFL to break the current revenue impasse, ASAFP.

I've compiled a list of names of the notable players that will have their contracts expire following the '06 season and will meet the 6-yr. experience requirements.

QB Kerry Collins, Raiders
QB Tommy Maddox, Steelers
QB Tim Rattay, 49ers
RB Tiki Barber, Giants
RB Jerome Bettis, Steelers
RB Mike Pittman, Bucs
RB Mike Anderson, Broncos
RB Marcell Shipp, Cardinals
RB Reuben Droughns, Browns
FB Cory Schlesinger, Lions
FB James Hodgins, Cardinals
FB Nick Goings, Panthers
WR Jimmy Smith, Jaguars
WR Amani Toomer, Giants
WR Terry Glenn, Cowboys
WR Drew Bennett, Titans
WR Johnnie Morton, 49ers
WR Travis Taylor, Vikings
WR Dennis Northcutt, Browns
WR Brian Finneran, Falcons
WR Bobby Engram, Seahawks
TE Eric Johnson, 49ers
TE Mark Campbell, Bills
TE Kyle Brady, Jaguars
TE Billy Miller, Texans
TE Boo Williams, Saints
TE Reggie Kelly, Bengals
TE Mark Bruener, Texans
C Steve McKinney, Texans
C Jeff Hartings, Steelers
C Robbie Tobeck, Seahawks
C Hank Fraley, Eagles
C Todd McClure, Falcons
G Will Shields, Chiefs
G Brian Waters, Chiefs
G Ruben Brown, Bears
G Rick DeMulling, Lions
T Willie Anderson, Bengals
T Todd Weiner, Falcons
T Willie Roaf, Chiefs
T Leonard Davis, Cardinals
T Brad Hopkins, Titans
T Jason Fabini, Jets
T Barry Sims, Raiders
T Matt Lepsis, Broncos

DE Jason Taylor, Dolphins
DE Richard Seymour, Patriots
DE Leonard Little, Rams
DE Mike Rucker, Panthers
DE Aaron Smith, Steelers
DE Justin Smith, Bengals
DT Sam Adams, Bills
DT La'Roi Glover, Cowboys
DT Gerard Warren, Broncos
DT Dan Wilkinson, Lions
DT Bryant Young, 49ers
OLB Willie McGinest, Patriots
OLB Jeff Posey, Bills
OLB Donnie Spragan, Dolphins
OLB Chad Brown, Patriots
OLB Na'il Diggs, Packers
OLB Junior Seau, Dolphins
OLB Pete Sirmon, Titans
ILB London Fletcher, Bills
ILB Donnie Edwards, Chargers
ILB Randall Godfrey, Chargers
ILB Jeff Ulbrich, 49ers
CB David Macklin, Cardinals
CB Jerry Azumah, Bears
CB Tory James, Bengals
CB Aaron GLenn, Cowboys
CB Duane Starks, Patriots
CB Tyrone POole, Patriots
CB Mike McKenzie, Saints
CB Ronde Barber, Bucs
S Lawyer Milloy, Bills
S John Lynch, Broncos
S Tebucky Jones, Dolphins
S Tony Parrish, 49ers
K Rian Lindell, Bills
K Olindo Mare, Dolphins
P Chad Stanley, Texans
P Josh Bidwell, Bucs

But here are the notable players that have contracts that expire after 2006, but won't have the eligible amount of years of experience (5 or less):

QB Patrick Ramsey, Redskins
RB Chris Brown, Titans
WR Javon WAlker, Packers
WR Donte' Stallworth, Saints
WR Ronald Curry, Raiders
WR Anquan Boldin, Cardinals
WR Deion Branch, Patriots
WR Ashley Lelie, Broncos
TE Jeremy Shockey, Giants
G Eric Steinbach, Bengals
T Levi Jones, Bengals
T Bryant McKinnie, Vikings
DE Dwight Freeney, Colts
DE Charles Grant, Saints
DT John Henderson, Jaguars
OLB Adalius Thomas, Ravens
OLB Napoleon Harris, Vikings
OLB Pisa Tinoisamoa, Rams
ILB E.J. Henderson, Vikings
CB Phil Buchanon, Texans
CB Rashean Mathis, Jaguars
CB Asante Samuel, Patriots
CB Travis Fisher, Rams
CB/S Mike Rumph, 49ers
S Ed Reed, Ravens
S Roy Williams, Cowboys
S Mike Doss, Colts
S Eugene WIlson, Patriots
S Michael Lewis, Eagles
S Ken Hamlin, Seahawks

These guys stand to lose a lot of money in 2007, as they will be limited by the restricted free agency market. It would seem that on the first list, you'll notice how many "old timers" are up there. So many of these guys would probably be retiring, if not for the opportunity to get one last big paycheck. I would be willing to bet a lot of these guys will sign 1-year deals with high signing bonuses just for their financial security and to play out the rest of their careers with a certain team. But really that list of potential FAs doesn't really stand out, because most of the good to great players will be in the twilights of their careers.

But also note that the list is nowhere near final, since players who will be cut or have their contract expire between now and 2006 will also have an opportunity to throw their names on there (e.g. Drew Brees, Hines Ward, Jamal Lewis, Priest Holmes, John Abraham, Julian Peterson, Charles Woodson, etc.)
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Postby dirtybirdnw » Fri Aug 19, 2005 3:06 pm

Beyond just the free agent ramifications we could see many players with big signing bonuses that haven't performed get axed (see Peerless Price). An uncapped year would allow many teams to jettison unwanted players without paying the price tag associated with cutting a player.

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