Randy Moss anyone sick of his antics?

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Randy Moss anyone sick of his antics?

Postby the scout » Sun Jan 09, 2005 9:15 pm

They were talking about this on the post game show Bradshaw,Johnson etc etc that Moss just doesn't get it about his antics on the field.Anyone else tired of Moss's antics about always doing the wrong thing? the only reason Minnesota lets him get away with this stuff is he is a star and until another star can settle him down he will keep doing it.This is why I hate the athlete today in his quest to be an individiual as opposed to a team player when we talk about playing the game with professionalism.

Moss knows he can get a way with things and will continue to do this crap in the future.If you didn't see it he made a gesture to the packer fans of pulling his pants down after he scored a touchdown.A primadona athlete that will never grow up and play the game right.His talent is a 10 his brain is a 2 when it comes how to play the game.If he were ever traded to the falcon's it would take a guy like Mike Vick to settle his tail down and tell him we are about team and there is no I in team.

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Postby Pudge » Sun Jan 09, 2005 11:31 pm

I agree with Moss that the "media types" are blowing this way out of proportion. His antics today were quite humorous to me. I had no problems with him rubbing it in the faces of the Lambeau fans. Is it a classy thing to do? No, but hey fans crap on the players all the time, why can't the players flip it back on the fans.

Playing the game right? It's basically overrated. How many players out there in the league don't celebrate touchdowns? Not very many. I think that's just the way the game is. There is more flash and "pizazz" in it. There is real money in it. You are basically making a bunch of 22 and 23 year olds among the richest 10% in the league. This idea that everybody is going to be a Larry Fitzgerald on the field, is just a bit naive at this point.

Playing the game right? That's how the game used to be played. It's not anymore, and I think if you are going to start complaining about a few players, you're going to be unpleasantly surprised that in another 3-5 years, the list will grow from maybe a dozen or two dozen to maybe five or six dozen players.

If we traded for Moss, I would love it. Different environments bring out different types of players. The knock on T.O. in San Fran was that he was abrasive to coaches and his teammates. He has been anything but in Philadelphia. Why? Not because T.O. has changed, but because his environment has changed, and at least for the time being Philly seems like a good fit between him, his teammates, and the coaching staff.

I think Atlanta would be an entirely different environment (and thus more positive) for a personality like Moss. Is Moss always going to be a few steps from the edge? Yes. Is it quite possible that his HOF career will be cut short because of the possibility of jail time? Yes. Will Moss ever be loved by the fans because he is the model citizen? No.

But the idea that Moss would come in here and destroy team chemistry is a bit farfetched. No one really has any basis for that argument. Moss has been THE leader in Minnesota pretty much since Cris Carter retired. Now, Daunte Culpepper is assuming much of that role. But here in Atlanta, Moss wouldn't have to be THE GUY. That's Vick, and there are other guys on this team that supplement Vick as leadership: Kerney, Travis Hall, Brooking, Jasper, Crumpler, and Dunn.

And I do think Moss gets it about his antics on the field. As I believe Bradshaw said, I don't think he cares. So he mockingly mooned the crowd at Lambeau Field. So what? I'm sure the obscenities shouted his way by those same fans were 10x worse. So he walked off the field in the final minutes last week? Okay, he showed poor leadership at that time. But why does Randy Moss HAVE TO BE the stout leader of that franchise.

This is really a big issue. I think certain "golden boys" get a free pass when it comes to these situations, while other "bad boys" do not. Where was Peyton Manning's great altruistic nature when it came down to his brother choosing which city he played in? If Manning was such a team player, he wouldn't have supported his brother in such a "me" situation? Right. But no, Peyton Manning cannot do any wrong in the eyes of most NFL analysts and fans. And I can't believe how easily people swallowed that crap about Manning not caring about the TD record. Puh-lease. Of course he wanted to break that record. I'm sure his primary goal down the stretch of the season was not solely set on breaking that record, but if Mr. Manning is such a team player, and he calls many of his own plays, how come he didn't get Edgerrin the ball more times in those redzone situations, and decided instead to throw the ball on 2nd and goal from the 3?

As I said, this is a lot bigger issue than this post can contain. But professionalism as you call it no longer really exists in American sports today. And that's a societal issue, since nowadays you can see it in all sports how much emphasis is put on the individual achievements.

Bottom line, is you won't hear me calling Randy Moss a classy individual, but there were a lot worse things Moss could have done over the last two weeks.
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Times change sad to say

Postby thescout » Mon Jan 10, 2005 4:58 am

Your right Pudge on the fact that athletes today are about individualism is a way to heighten the crowd.It is unfortuante but the way the game is played today with no professionalism involved.At the time when moss did that thing I mentioned I really didn't think much of it but also remember if a Ram's reciever does it to the falcon's and we lose do you think people will be pissed off? You bet just like Sapp did for years and I guess another reason to hate there team the Buc's.

Is it right to walk off the field like Moss did the other week and go into the lockerroom when something doesn't go right?Since moss is there leader why don't the other players follow there leader and all go into the locker room when they get pissed off.He is a bad example of a leader and I wish Culpepper was there main spokesman.Moss is a great talent but as mentioned before he is a 2 out of 10 when it comes to character and behavior without the football.Can you see Moss doing this 10 years from now I hope he will think his antics are childish by then.When I mention antics I mean in his whole career up to date.

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