What Pocket?

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What Pocket?

Postby MarylandFalcon1 » Sun Sep 18, 2005 5:39 pm

You know everyone says Vick can't be a pocket passer... well, the real question is how would they know since he has never had a pocket to throw from? I can well remember Steve Bartkowski, Chirs Miller and Chis Chandler dropping back to pass and thinking "Yes! Let's do this!". As I watch Vick drop back with the defense on his heels I can only think "God, not a fumble/interception" or "God, who is going to drop a pass now?" I am starting to wonder about the Vick/Kordell Stewart aka 'slash' relationship and the fact that even he (Kordell) led a good defense to the AFC championship but really couldn't be a QB in the league. Being down 21-0 can make you think crazy thoughts but man I hate watching us like this.

What did that Seahawk Troll on the ESPN boards say the final score would be... 37-7 or something? We might just be headed there unless Mora and crew can get this turned around in the locker room at the half.


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