Tampa Bay has the no1 defense can the falcon's beat them?

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Tampa Bay has the no1 defense can the falcon's beat them?

Postby thescout » Wed Oct 26, 2005 10:17 pm

I was just looking at the NFL team stats and they have the Bucs has the no1 defense.The Bucs have given up a measly 62 yds rushing a game and 177? passing just the opposite of what the falcon's are good at.This game is another statement game and is huge.We beat the bucs last year 1 game but in tampa they crushed vick and the falcon's if I remember correctly.What I would love to see is 2 wins over tampa.We are going to have to keep up the pace since I do not seeing tampa losing to many games from here on out.We have to have home field advantage to even stand a chance of winning the NFC Champ game.

The Bucs have a quick defense which normally gives our offense fits.Plus the Bucs usually have big receviers and our def backs get torched against themLastyear the bucs off line manhandled the falcon pass rush if I remember right and the falcon's had a tough time getting to the QB.This year the bucs have cadillac williams.The falcon defense better get itself right soon or the Bucs will show the falcon's and the nfc they are a threat to going to the super bowl.Bite my tongue but I think any team that plays quality defense has a chance.I am more confident in the falcon off line than last year but having the no1 defense they must be doing something right.This could be the game that makes or breaks us in terms of people thinking we can run are way to the super bowl.I hope the passing progresses soon because I hate the Bucs and would like to beat them as bad as possible.

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Postby Pudge » Thu Oct 27, 2005 1:23 am

I don't know exactly what it is about the Bucs D that gives Vick such fits, but there is something about them, that for at least one game out of hte seaosn he is going to suck mightily against them. It could be all or some of these factors:

1) Their ability to put pressure from the outside especially on the left where Rice lines up. Since we all know that statistically speaking Vick is great throwing from the left side, and ranges from bad to average from the middle and right, it definitely hinders his ability to throw.

2) Their linebackers are excellent in zone coverage, which form a solid blank of coverage for underneath routes that can allow them to key on Vick's eyes and read him. Brooks is so solid in coverage, that he's one of the few LBs in the league that can feasibly be left 1 on 1 with Crumpler, which then frees up safeties and other LBs to do their job.

3) Their Cover-2 scheme effectively bottles up our average receivers, since none have really shown a knack for doing great things after the catch, something that definitely helps vs. Cover-2 teams.

This is probably the best Bucs team that we've faced in recent years despite the fact that they no longer have guys like Lynch, Sapp, and Keyshawn who historically dominated the Falcons. I really don't see any reason when you factor in their current talent level and our current level of play that we will win more than 1 game this year. At this point, if we keep playing this way, we'll be lucky to win 1 this year.
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