schaub love on cnnsi

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schaub love on cnnsi

Postby buddyboy » Thu Oct 27, 2005 11:35 pm

they got him listed as a franchise qb
i think we see what they are implying, and what a lot are thinking. stirring up the schaub / vick pseudo controversy.

here's the blurb:
9. Matt Schaub, Atlanta
Build your franchise around a guy who doesn't even start for his own team? Well, yes. What if we would have told you to pay attention to Tom Brady before Drew Bledsoe got hurt in Week 2 of 2001? We see Shaub following in that Matt Hasselbeck, Aaron Brooks, Mark Brunell career path: Backup for a while, and then a quality starter.

vick gets a little too though at number 6

6. Michael Vick, Atlanta
First, a disclaimer: Vick still leaves us wanting more out of his game (Did you see his "passing" Monday night against the Jets?), but he is a unique talent who still has time to mature into something other than half a quarterback. And if you're starting a franchise, you're going to want to sell some tickets, too. People just love watching this guy play.

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