Knapp/Donatell read this please!!!

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Knapp/Donatell read this please!!!

Postby Steve-O » Mon Nov 14, 2005 2:01 pm

I blame the coaches and no one but the coaches for yesterday's loss. Here are the reasons why

1-Why in the hell are we missing so many tackles. From the what I saw over the last 3-4 games it seems like our players, especially our db's, cannot make form tackles. It looks to me like they are trying to strip the ball instead of wrapping the player up. Turnovers are great, and I'd love it if we could actually manage to cause some fumbles, but it's not working, it hasn't worked all year, and from the looks of it, it's not ever going to work so lets stop doing it. There we so many times yesterday when we could have tackled someone for a much shorter gain but they would drag our players downfield, that will not work, especially in our bend don't break defense...

2-Leave someone in the middle of the field!!! A quick slant route is a hard one to defend to begin with, but it's made impossible when there is no one over the middle of the field to help the corner out. I don't know if we are leaving the middle vacant because we are blitzing or what but when a team completes that many passes in the middle of the field you have to make an adjustment.

3-Quit leaving such massive gaps in the line in so many of our formations. We seem to really like to run a 4-3 over formation but when we do this we leave a massive hole either in between our dt's, or between a dt and a de. Every time we did this the Packers ran the ball right into that hole. This is something that has been a problem for us since week one and it's not been fixed yet. It's driving me up the wall. We are a small defense to begin with and when you allow a guard to get to the second level without even touching him it becomes incredibly hard to stop the run.

4-Learn to anticipate oppents play calls better. There we several instances yesterday where from the play we called it was obvious we anticipated a pass and the Packers would run and vice versa...I know it may be a little unfair to expect our coaches to be able to read the minds of the other team, but seriously if we keep calling plays that leave our players out of position then maybe we should go to something a little more vanilla..


1-Don't let Vick listen to the media. He's forcing things now. The announcers blew it out of proportion during the game, but they were right when they said Vick looked indecisive. Vick needs to learn when to tuck and run when there is nothing there instead of skittering around and getting sacked for a loss. I appreciate the fact that he's trying to grow as a passer and move the ball down field and all, but he's Vick, run the damn ball when you don't have anything!!!

2-Dunn is a strong runner, but he is not a between the tackle bruiser even though he wants to be. I'm not saying to limit him to nothing but outside runs, but when he's running into the pile with big mofos like who GB and Mia has he's probably not going to get a whole lot. If you want to run inside all game give Duckett more carries. Furthermore if Duckett is ripping off 5-6 yards a carry let's give him the damn ball some more...

3-Throw the ball downfield!!! We cannot expect to get every explosive play from the run game and short sideline passes. Vick can throw a good deep ball, I've seen him do it a number of times, so let's take maybe 2-3 more shots every game. If we could get 2 big pass plays a game, and by big I mean 40+ yards, then that's all we'd need. Vick isn't getting a whole lot of yards passing because we are not taking any shots. Maybe the coaches just wanted to see him dink and dunk well before they asked him to start tossing it deep, at least I hope that's what's going on, but now he's proven he can dink and dunk so lets start tryig to some big plays.

Someone find where Allen Rossum went. I know he played here this year and I thout we resigned him, but whoever that his muffing punts while wearing Rossum's jersey can't be the same guy that ripped off long returns all the time last year.

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Postby BirdWeisErrr » Mon Nov 14, 2005 2:18 pm

Good write.

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Postby meansonny » Tue Nov 15, 2005 12:42 am

Great post

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