The weird & wild, NFL Power Rankings

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The weird & wild, NFL Power Rankings

Postby dirtybirdnw » Thu Nov 17, 2005 12:29 pm

I'm starting off with by far the most ridiculous PR on the net and this is courtesy of FOXSports. This is the only one that I will list all the teams before the Falcons because it is RIDICULOUS and I don't care how their forumla works.

#1 Colts
#2 Broncos
#3 Jaguars
#4 Bengals
#5 Chargers
#6 Seahawks
#7 Steelers
#8 Giants
#9 Redskins
#10 Panthers
#11 Cowboys
#12 Chiefs
#13 Patriots
#14 Raiders
#15 Bears
#16 Eagles
#17 Dolphins
#18 Packers
#19 Falcons

Yes folks... FOX lists 8 total teams with a record for 5-4 or worse ahead of the Falcons. FOX lists TWO teams with records of 5-4 IN THE TOP 10. FOX has FOUR teams with LOSING RECORDS ahead of the Falcons.

Who is smoking the crack over there?!

ESPN: 9th, Michael Vick had another solid game throwing the ball (20-for-30 for 209 yards and two TDs), but that was overshadowed by his three fumbles. (some how the Bolts are ahead of us here also)

CBS Sportsline: 9th, The Falcons might not be as good as we thought. The defense is having trouble stopping people, which is a surprise. Are the Falcons elite? We'll know after they play Tampa Bay. (The first official "The Falcons suck and we want off the bandwagon" PR comment.)

Yahoo: 9th, The defense has been playing far too sloppy recently. Edgerton Hartwell's injury hurt, but Ike Reese hasn't added much, either. (100% agree)

SI: 9th, You believe in the QB rating system? OK, how's this? Two of Michael Vick's highest ranked games, Seattle (94.8) and Green Bay (108.9), were losses. His two lowest rated outings, Philly (55.7) and the Jets (16.3), were victories. This isn't the definitive argument, by any means, but it's just a little more ammo in my war against the Elias Bureau and it's silly system. (Dr. Z is on the side of Vick lovers everywhere and I actually agree with him).

Outside of the Wacko FOXSports poll the Falcons are 9th in every poll out there.

Bonus Material: Dr. Z on SI looked back at the 05 preseason predicitions and pillaged.

Carolina was my Super Bowl winner. I'm not kidding now ... I was really hoping Steve Smith would somehow step into the Muhsin Muhammad role. Not predicting, just hoping. Most of all, I liked John Fox, and the way the team rallied behind him down the stretch last year. I figured they'd keep it going this season. A few others also saw the Panthers as a Super Bowl dark horse, damn it!

Atlanta was my second wild-card team. OK so far, right? This was my GOOD division -- actually my only one in the NFC. Well, let's say my good two teams. I thought the Bucs would continue the deterioration that was showing last season, so I had them at 7-9. Other forecasters did, too, except for the ones who had them last, behind New Orleans. A few people predicted the Saints would make a move. They did, from New Orleans to San Antonio to Baton Rouge.

Courtesy of Dr. Z @ ... ion/2.html
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