John Jerry, OG, Mississippi

Scouting reports of offensive tackles, guards, and centers in the 2010 draft.
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John Jerry, OG, Mississippi

Postby Pudge » Sun Mar 14, 2010 9:06 pm

John Jerry
Mississippi Senior

PROS: Has very good size, power and strength, and does a nice job pushing the pile. Gets position, takes good angles as a blocker. Can lock on and show good ability to drive defender down the field. Athletic for his size, and can move. Can pull, block on the move, and capable of getting out to the second level. Does a nice job finishing his blocks and shows good mean streak.
CONS: Can be slow off the snap which causes him to miss assignments when he's asked to pull or block on the second level. Has slow feet and struggles adjusting to speed rushers coming off the edge. Can't adjust to the inside counter and opens his stance too early. Is too much of a waist bender, which causes him to lunge, overextend, and lose balance in pass protection mainly.
OVERVIEW: Younger brother of Peria, he is much like his brother, except a run-blocking offensive equivalent. But he's fairly one-dimensional, but has the work ethic and tools to get better as a pass protector. Split time at both right guard and right tackle. He started 21 games at guard during his freshman and sophomore year before moving to right tackle, where he started 21 games there, before moving back to right guard for 4 more starts at the end of his senior year. He was listed at 350 during his senior, but was down to a svelt 328 by the Combine. Probably ideal playing weight is in the 325-330 range that he currently resides.
NFL FORECAST: Jerry should be a solid starting right guard. He's just overmatched in pass protection at right tackle, although he could be an emergency fill-in there. His size and strength makes him effective there, but he'll struggle when he faces speed. Instead, keep him inside where he can be a dominant run blocker. The one thing that kept him from being a consistently dominant run blocker in college was how slow he was off the snap at times. He was able to get by again because he's so much stronger than everybody. But if he can ever consistently fire off the line when the ball is snapped, he could be one of the premier guards in the league. I think he could be an impact run blocker like Leonard Davis.
ATL FORECAST: It would be nice to reuinite the Jerry brothers in Atlanta. What the younger brother brings to the table is a potentially dominate run blocker. And he has the potential to be the sort of player the Falcons need on the left side to offset. Not sure he would win a starting job as a rookie over Blalock, but I think he'd be capable of starting if the team really wanted him to. He would definitely be able to start at either one of the guard spots by his second year, and could become a solid road-grading fixture in Atlanta for years to come.
VALUE: Jerry is a nice second round value because of his potential as a run blocker, but his one-dimensionality may not make him a rock-solid Top 50 guy.

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