John Malecki, OG, Pittsburgh

Scouting reports of offensive tackles, guards, and centers in the 2010 draft.
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John Malecki, OG, Pittsburgh

Postby Pudge » Wed Mar 31, 2010 9:46 pm

Pittsburgh Senior

PROS: Has lot of mean streak that borderlines on dirty play. Always plays to the whistle and appears to like the challenge of going against highly-rated tackles. Is very quick off the snap and able to consistently get position as a run blocker. Gets his hands up quickly in his pass set, initiates contact and delivers a strong hand punch. Is able to get out on the second level and pull to take out linebacker. Does a nice job working in a short area.
CONS: A bit undersized and lacks ideal strength to push pile. Can get bull-rushed. DOesn't play with grea footwork, and relies on initial contact. Doesn't adjust well in space. Can be exposed a bit when asked to block on an island. Not great or smoothest athlete when in space and will sometimes miss assignments.
OVERVIEW: He's a former defensvie tackle and it shows with his mean streak. Because of his quickness off the snap he is able to overcome some of his physical limitations and his mean streak makes him a difficult matchup. Did a good job going up against the likes of Arthur Jones and Marvin Austin, the top two defensive tackles he faced. Really seemed to go after those guys. A two-year starter at right guard after being a reserve defensive tackle for two years. Combined for 24 tackles in those years.
NFL FORECAST: Malecki is a player just like Harvey Dahl. He will make a name for himself because of his mean streak and because defenders hate playing against him, he can compete with the top defenders despite being athletically limited. His less than ideal size for a guard, lacking strength, and subpar footwork will limit him from being a top guard. But he can certainly be developed into an above average starter if he improves somewhat. His mean streak alone is going to keep him in the pros. At worst, you're looking at another Richie Incognito. At best, you're looking at a guy that could be a step above Harvey Dahl. Because of his lack of size and being somewhat a problem on an island, he might be best off playing center. But I don't believe he has any experience there, and there will be some adjustment. Snapping the ball will be the biggest obstacle because his pop and ability to get his hands up quickly into his set will make him a factor there. If he can snap the ball well, then I think he could be one of the better centers in the league.
ATL FORECAST: Malecki would fit very well in Atlanta, particularly if he can prove himself as a center. He would be a fitting option at the pivot because he's like a smaller version of Dahl. He could push for playing time at left guard, which would probably be a better fit for him in the pros because he won't be left on an island as much. He probably is a guy that could be competing for a starting job by his second year and will be a pet project of Boudreau because he could seriously challenge Dahl as being the meanest player on the team, and thus the league.
VALUE: Malecki is a nice fourth round option, especially for a team that is confident he can play center. Probably a fifth rounder for a team that targets him as a guard.

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