Kyle Jolly, OT, North Carolina

Scouting reports of offensive tackles, guards, and centers in the 2010 draft.
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Kyle Jolly, OT, North Carolina

Postby Pudge » Mon Apr 05, 2010 9:30 pm

North Carolina Senior
40: 5.36

PROS: Has good size and can be difficult for smaller ends to get around him. Flashes a nice mean streak and will get after guys. Shows ability to block on the second level and can get the seal vs. the linebacker.
CONS: An underwhelming run blocker despite his size. Doesn't use his feet and isn't a factor as a drive blocker. Lacks pop off the snap and lacks strength. Doesn't lock on or get good position. Needs to do a better job finishing his blocks. Has poor technique and slow feet in pass protection. Will set up too deep at times, and struggles matching up agaisnt speed. Doesn't play with good base and is too easily bull-rushed. Isn't a great blocker when asked to block on the move because he lacks athleticism. Needs to improve his hand use and placement both vs. the run and pass.
OVERVIEW: There isn't a lot to like about Jolly besides his size. He isn't a good run blocker for a player his size, and is too limited athletically in pass protection. A three-year starter at left tackle that logged 38 consecutive starts. But won't be able to stay there at the next level.
NFL FORECAST: Jolly is a player that will have to move to a new position on the next level. He's just too limited athletically to play left tackle. And he's too underwhelming a run blocker ot really like him at right tackle. He isn't good in a short area despite his size to think he'll excel at guard. Inside, it could hide some of his flaws in pass protection, but he won't be a guy that can really push the pile. Basically, unless Jolly adds significant bulk and strength, I don't see him sticking on the NFL level. When you're as limited a pass protector as he is, then you need to be able to make up for it somehow as a run blocker. He doesn't, so until he can, he offers very little value on the next level. But even if he was to make significant improvement as a run blocker, at best you're talking about an average reserve right tackle.
ATL FORECAST: Jolly is just a body that could push some of the other guys on the Falcons roster, but isn't going to really be a threat to make the roster or even the practice squad. He's a significant drop off from Reynolds, his former teammate, who barely made the Falcons roster last summer.
VALUE: Jolly really isn't a player that I would invite to camp unless I was just looking for a tenth or eleventh body to fill out the roster.
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