Sam Young, OT, Notre Dame

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Sam Young, OT, Notre Dame

Postby Pudge » Thu Apr 08, 2010 2:48 am

Notre Dame Senior
40: 5.20

PROS: Has good size and shows nice feet. Shows some pop off the snap and is able to get position and seal the edge. Has long arms and shows decent hand use as he initiates contact in pass protection. Flashes a good mean streak. Has mobility, can pull, and effective on the second level.
CONS: Needs to improve his footwork and base, as he will slide his feet at times. Overextends and loses leverage and balance, spending too much time on the ground. Can get bull rushed. Gets too deep in his set and needs to do a better job adjusting in space. Will whiff on his hand punch, and struggles with edge rushers because he doesn't consistently use his hands well to ride defender wide around passer. Whiffs on some blocks on the second level, unable to get seal on linebacker consistently and is not great pulling or blocking on the move. Isn't a pile mover as a run blocker.
OVERVIEW: Young has the frame and size that you like in an NFL tackle, but is an underachiever. Never gained a permanent foothold as a left tackle, although did start 10 games there as a sophomore. That indicates how inconsistent he was in pass protection. However did start 3 seasons at right tackle.
NFL FORECAST: He was a player that came to Notre Dame with big expectations, and annually was listed among the top tackles. But he never developed into a premier tackle and I didn't see much improvement from his junior year to his senior year. He'd be better if he filled out his frame more, and probably got up in the 325-335 pound range. I think his feet are good enough that he can play left tackle, but only as a stopgap guy. He's probably destined to be a swing tackle on the next level, backing up both tackle positions. Considering his body of work, I just don't see anything that makes me believe he'll be more than an average starter at best. If he is ever considered an above average or good starter it will be a very good indicator of the quality of that assistant coach that made him so. I think he can play many years in the pros as a backup, but he's one of those guys that I think if he's ever starting, it won't last long as teams will consider him somewhat a liability.
ATL FORECAST: Young could be a nice backup in Atlanta, and probably better fit as a swing tackle than Svitek, Ojinnaka, or Reynolds if for no other reason than he looks the part. Not sure he'd actually be a better player, but I could understand if the Falcons coaches show some patience and try to work with his tools. He's probably a guy that won't be ready to contribute even off the bench until his third season.
VALUE: Teams should only target him for the sake of depth, so you'd be hard-pressed to justify taking him before the fifth round.

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