an interesting thought on Safeties

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an interesting thought on Safeties

Postby fun gus » Mon Sep 16, 2013 8:49 am

...was listening to the postgame stuff on the radio and the host was discussing William Moore, his play yesterday and that slam tackle he made..The host ( I think it might have beel Alge?) made the comment that of all the positions in the NFL, the Safety position is the hardest to fill: this year there are a lot of teams needing safeties. It's the most understaffed position in the league. NCAA just isn't producing enough good ones, was his opinion... Seems as if the good student athletes don't want to play there. And for good reason, he said safeties make the lowest average salary outside of kickers and fullbacks.!

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Re: an interesting thought on Safeties

Postby Pudge » Mon Sep 16, 2013 12:28 pm

I do think there aren't many great safeties coming into the league today. I considered William Moore a top 15 pick in the '09 draft, and I think besides Eric Berry and Earl Thomas, there haven't been any better safety prospects to enter the league since then.

You have a lot of good safeties in the NFL, but few great ones now that older vets like Polamalu, Ed Reed, and Adrian Wilson are on their last legs. This year may be the last year for all 3 players in the league. And besides Earl Thomas, Eric Weddle, Berry, and maybe Jairus Byrd, what other really good safeties are there out there? Moore is good, but he leads a group of good safeties, not great ones.

I think there are a number of positions that college football is struggling to produce top players at anymore. I think the OL falls into this group. TE too. If Tyler Eifert doesn't turn into a really good TE, then that 2010 class will be the last time we've had some really good TEs enter the league. And with Hernandez done, Gronk and Moeaki unable to shake the injury bug, Gresham just being OK, what looked like a monster class a year or so ago, may just wind up being JImmy Graham and Dennis Pitta 5 years later.
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Re: an interesting thought on Safeties

Postby Cyril » Tue Sep 17, 2013 12:17 am

If your really good you can shine big at safety. You just have to be good at a lot of things.

1. Can't be out of position
2. To be really good you need instincts and speed.
3. Need to know the whole defense and make sure everyone else is in the right
4. You got to want to hit.

You can play without the blinding speed but your interception rate won't be as good.
What I've noticed once one starts very few of them really improve??

My guess is William Moore would just as soon be a middle linebacker (:

There aren't many like that-- Scott Case, but he was rather slow; and why he was moved from corner back to safety.
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