DE Prospect: Bill Swancutt

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DE Prospect: Bill Swancutt

Postby Pudge » Thu Feb 24, 2005 1:03 pm


2nd rd. prospect

The Huddle Report wrote:Bill is an excellent athlete. He has very good speed and quickness to rush the passer. He is a very good tackler and has good change of direction abilities. He shows leadership qualities and makes the players around him better. Bill uses his hands very well and has a great burst just before he hits and tackles. This kid fits the mold of a player that will do everything to get better and better at his craft year after year.

NFL Draft Countdown wrote:Tenacious with a motor that never quits...Extremely competitive and fiery...Very productive...Has a knack for making the big play...Good technician and smart...Will not be outworked on or off the field.

NFL Draft Scout wrote:Toss out the computer numbers that the football gods like, such as size, speed and strength. This kid is a classic overachiever, but definitely a player that needs to be accounted for on the field. He may not be drafted as high as my grade indicates, but come back in three years and judge for yourself then.

He's a player that is going to need to prove that he can play the run better. But he seems like the blue-collar type that this team already has at the DE spot. Swancutt reads like a Kerney-clone. His biggest obstacles will be to improve his playing strength and play the run better. Most are saying he doesn't do that very well at this point. I have little doubts Swancutt is going to get better in that area, just the question of how much better can he get? He's not going to have to be a stud in that area, but just decent. He's a guy that I think would be a great pick in Round 2.
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