NFL DraftCountdown has there new mock draft up March 16

The year's upcoming draft and the college game can be discussed here.

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NFL DraftCountdown has there new mock draft up March 16

Postby thescout » Thu Mar 17, 2005 10:48 pm

I took a look at the new mock draft at nfl countdown and it was interesting to say the least.The significance of this mock draft compared to the others is it has been the most reliable predictor of the draft out of all the draft sites.Here are the picks for the falcons.

1.Shaun Cody
2.Mike Nugent
3.Safety from stanford

he has only 3 round predicted.If this draft came reality I can here alot of people screaming.What the @^^ are the falcon's doing.I said it before get me guys that can play I don't care what there names are.NFL Countdown sees Cody as a disruptive force similar to coleman and paired together will give off lines fits.My probelm is the odds of a def tackle playing well are low.That doesn't mean Cody can't be a dominate player but the odds are against it.Also Brady Smith won't last much longer and I would rather have Roth or Tuck.Pollack went to seattle according to his draft.If Shaun alexander gets traded look for seattle to take a running back in round one.I hope pollack slides to us but I doubt it.

Mike Nugent,after reading his performances at the Indy trials I have my doubts can he kick long field goals.Maybe it was an off day but maybe the falcon's overlook one day and go on his history at ohio state.This is a boom or bust pick!

The guy from stanford is a safety don't know alot about him but he says he has trouble covering people and would be a good special teams player.Sorry you don't draft special teamers in round 3.Get someone else not a speical team player.Brodney Pool if not taken by ther packers would be an excellent fit.

The off line still needs to be addressed so round 3 would be a good spot if thev frist 2 rounds go defense.

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