Cameron Graham, TE, Louisville

Scouting reports of the tight ends in the 2011 Draft.
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Cameron Graham, TE, Louisville

Postby Pudge » Sat Apr 09, 2011 6:04 pm

Louisville Senior
40: 5.04


Has nice hands and adjusts to the throw. Gets a nice release off the line when he's working in the slot. Shows some ability as a runner after the catch, showing toughness and breaking tackles. Has decent pop as an inline blocker and does a nice job getting a seal block on the second level. Is able to make the kick out block and work as a lead blocker at H-back.


Undersized and won't get much push as an inline blocker. Doesn't have great speed as a runner after the catch, and dances too much considering it.


Graham is a solid receiver and decent blocker for his size. He fits best as an H-back and No. 2 tight end at the next level. Started two years at Louisville, combining for 67 passes for 793 yards (11.8 avg) and 7 touchdowns. Was a JUCO transfer.


Graham has the potential to develop down the road as a No. 2 tight end. He'll never be a great inline blocker, but with some added bulk and development, he could be an acceptable guy in that role. He's a good receiver that doesn't have great speed or athleticism, but he'll surprise you a bit. Ultimately, I think he has potential comparable to someone like Daniel Fells. Early on, I think he could have trouble sticking. But he after a few seasons potentially as a No. 3 guy or practice squad, I could see him start to move up a depth chart. He'll never be a huge option in the passing game, but if he gets comfortable in a system with a quarterback, he might be a guy that can potentially give you 20-30 catches as a starter if given that opportunity. But for most teams he adds depth as an H-back type that may give you 10-15 catches most years and be a journeyman No. 3 guy.


Graham could compete for time here in Atlanta. He's probably not a better prospect than Michael Palmer is, and thus would have a hard time carving a niche out early. But with a good summer, he could potentially land a practice squad spot and then be developed down the road as a No. 3 in a role comparable to what Palmer has now, which is an occasional No. 2 tight end and inline blocker, but also getting reps at H-back. Ultimately, he might make a decent No. 2 option if there was an injury, but he's more of a depth option than a guy that will be a regular part of the lineup.


Graham is good enough to sneak into the end of the seventh round for a team desperate to add some depth and a developmental No. 3. But his lack of top upside is such that he's much better value as an undrafted free agent.

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