Christian Yount, LS, UCLA

Scouting reports of the kickers, punts, and long snappers in the 2011 Draft.
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Christian Yount, LS, UCLA

Postby Pudge » Mon Feb 21, 2011 1:56 pm

UCLA Senior


Gets good zip and velocity on his snaps. Occasionally will put the frozen rope perfectly on target. Has good placement and accuracy, and rarely has bad snaps. Shows ability to get downfield and make the stop in coverage.


Snaps tend to be a bit low on punts. Will occasionally have the errant high snap. Doesn't always show consistent high velocity or ability to fight the tight windows. Can be a bit off on field goal snaps. Not super quick to get downfield and cover when he's covered up by a defender.


Yount shows enough ability and consistency to think he can come in right away and stick as a long snapper in the pros. He's not quite good enough that he'll unseat an established veteran, but is a good developmental player that flashes the tools to have a long, consistent NFL career. He needs some polish, but there are no major flaws to his game that more experience and refinement won't fix. For his career, had 4 special teams tackles and was the long snapper at UCLA all four years.


There's nothing sexy about long snappers, but having a bad one is disastrous for a special teams unit. The Chargers can attest to this as their poor special teams was due in part of the rampant injuries they had at this position. Traditionally, long snapping has been a veteran gig with many of the guys in the league having a decade or more of experience, but nowadays you see a lot more turnover at this position and a lot more young guys handling the role. Almost a third of the teams in the league have a long snapper with only a year or less experience. So with all that said, it means that it's a lot easier for a rookie to come in and find a role in the league nowadays than it was before because he's less likely to have to compete with a tenured veteran. And because of all the youth and inconsistency, there is more turnover so even if Yount doesn't shine and stick right away, he'll get another opportunity elsewhere. Yount is not as good as the veterans around the league in terms of his accuracy, zip, and velocity, but within a year or two of refining his talent, there shouldn't be any discernible difference between him and someone that has been doing it for 10 years.


Yount could beat out Zelenka in camp, but probably not in a fair camp battle. He'd likely only land the gig if the Falcons were looking for a young guy to grow with. But considering how capable Zelenka has been for the past year and half, it doesn't seem likely that the Falcons would want to make a change, so he doesn't have a ton of value.


Long snappers are rarely worth draft picks, and in a normal year Yount would probably be a marginal late seventh round/undrafted option. But because of the possibility that there is no undrafted free agency, could push his value up to the sixth round for a snapper-needy team.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

Velocity: 3.5
Accuracy: 3.5
Coverage: 3.0
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