Ryan Miller, OG, Colorado

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Ryan Miller, OG, Colorado

Postby Pudge » Fri Apr 13, 2012 3:13 pm

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Has good size and strength. Moves somewhat well for a player of his size. Will initiate contact in pass protection and can use his size to anchor. Has decent footwork. Does a nice job finishing his blocks. Has decent pop as a straight-ahead run blocker and able to get position. Can redirect as a run blocker at the point of attack. Shows ability to drive a linebacker downfield when he hits his assignments on the second level. Tends to hit the majority of his assignments when blocking on the move, despite not being the best athlete. Does a good job on trap blocks.


Height hurts him because it forces him to play too high. Struggles to get leverage at the point of attack, and doesn't play with great knee bend. Struggles to get his hands inside and thus limits how much push he can get. Needs to do a better job squaring up defenders and adjusting in space when blocking on the move, tending to lower shoulder to deliver blow when trapping and pulling rather than using his hands. Not that natural or fluid when blocking on the move, and can struggle when you force him to adjust in space. Doesn't do a great job getting out of his stance quickly when releasing downfield to block on the second level. Doesn't have great feet in pass protection and will give ground at times to a powerful bull rusher. Needs to improve his punch in pass protection and too often lets the defender get into him. His punch isn't that effective even when he does initiate contact. Can get overextended and lunge when trying to deliver his punch and rarely is able to jolt the defender off his run.


Miller was a player I liked a year ago when I was watching Nate Solder. But the more I looked at his game this year, the more I realized how limited a player he was. He seemed a much more effective run blocker a year ago than he did this year. Part of what opened my eyes was seeing how much Garrett Reynolds struggled this past preseason mainly due to his height, and saw similar issues with Miller. He's just too tall for his own good, as that can be a detriment inside. And he doesn't have the athleticism and footwork to really think he can make it long-term on the outside. He might be better served playing in a zone-scheme where his issues with getting push due to his height won't be as big an issue.


(10/8) at Stanford: 0.5 sacks; Pull: 3/3; Screen: 0/1
(10/15) at Washington: 1 pressure, 1 sack, 1 missed block; Downfield: 2/4, Pull: 2/3; Screen: 1/1
(11/4) vs. USC: Downfield: 1/1; Cut: 1/2


2011: 13/13, right guard
2010: 12/12, right guard
2009: 12/12, 7 at RG, 5 at RT
2008: 4/4, right tackle
2007: 10/7, right tackle

- missed 8 games in 2008 due to a broken fibula, redshirting the rest of that year


Like Garrett Reynolds, I believe MIller has enough ability to be a competent stopgap starter for some team. But he'll be exposed against the better defensive tackles out there that will be able to win because they can play lower than him on a more consistent basis. If Miller had better hands or feet, I would like his chances a little more. But similar to Reynolds, he's a guy that is a bit of a tweener. I think he might have a better chance playing in a zone scheme like how Ryan Diem was able to work in Indianapolis. If he can go to a team like that and get some time to develop and polish up his footwork and technique, he might be a poor man's Diem. But he's a developmental option that probably stands his best chance of sticking long-term in the league if he can show the versatility to play both guard and tackle. There he can add value as a depth option and be a plug and play reserve in the even of an injury. If he gets time to develop, and then an injury occurs and he's a competent starter, he might get further opportunities. But more than likely, I would predict that Miller will be a career backup that might be a competent journeyman reserve at right guard and right tackle similar to how Kirk Chambers career has gone. But he has some hurdles he needs to overcome and it probably will take the better part of two or three years before you can expect him to do much.


Garrett Reynolds, Falcons.


Miller doesn't bring a lot to the table that Garrett Reynolds already doesn't. He could be another body in camp that the Falcons could give a shot to push for time as a reserve right guard or right tackle. At best, you're probably hoping that he can make the practice squad and similar to Harvey Dahl be developed for a year or two before he can carve out a niche as a reserve. By then, the Falcons probably will have moved on from Reynolds among others and looking for a guy that can work as a reserve at whoever is the starter at right guard and Clabo at right tackle. But it's doubtful that Miller is a serious contender at any point to be a starter since it'll likely wind up having similar results as the Reynolds experiment from this past year.


Miller is good enough to get drafted, but since he's a long-term project that doesn't have ideal upside as a starter, he probably shouldn't be taken before the sixth or seventh rounds.

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