Esperanza Spalding

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Esperanza Spalding

Postby thescout » Sun Oct 07, 2012 12:31 am

Just went to my first Esperanza Spalding concert and just have to say wow at her talent. Many on the board probably don't know who she.She's the one that beat out some dude named Justin Bieber for the new artist of the year a few years ago at the grammy's. Anyway her genre is jazz a music many shun so it has a small audience. What impressed me was the power and beauty of her voice along with playing stand up bass at the same time. It's hard to experience a singer's sound just on clips so when you hear them live you can get a different perspective. Very soulful,excellent range and a tremendous voice plus the clincher playing stand up bass one of the more difficult instruments to play. At the end she played as an encore a solo by herself demonstrating her scat singing. Just damn very special talent all wrapped up in a beauty queen.

I better quit writing since Scout is getting all hot and bothered. :lol:
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