Kingdom Talk, Week 6

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Kingdom Talk, Week 6

Postby Confess_Jesus_Now » Sat Oct 13, 2012 4:17 pm

Why pray if God knows everything?

Well because what happens is when we pray, we acknowledge our dependence on the Lord. This is also worship as well. In his kindness, God has elected on occasion, that his good and perfect will be accomplished only as his people pray to ask God to work in a certain way. He knows what he wants to do but waits till his servants pray for it. The role of the prayer then, becomes necessary to the accomplishing of God's will. He can do it without our involvement or knowledge. But he chooses to include us so that we become part of what he is doing. God is sharing bountifully with those whom he loves. He lets us share in the anticipation and the joy that comes from seeing his will done. When we pray and our prayers are answered, we are overjoyed, God is glorified, and we understand better just what God had planned all along.

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