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Proud member of the Football Rivals Network

Postby Pudge » Mon Jan 03, 2005 12:42 pm is a member of the Football Rivals Network (FRN). It is an alliance of independently-run football fan sites, banded together for the greater good of all football fandom :wink:

Whenever the Falcons play a team represented in the FRN, a link will go up to that team's representative site and forum in order to promote traffic and discussion about the upcoming game. prides itself on being a part of the FRN and expects that its forum members will participate in such activities because we think fellow FRN members offer the best sites and discussion for their respective teams.

Here are the links to the other FRN sites and their forums:

49ers: 49ers - forum
Broncos: The Bronco Nation - forum
Bucs: Pewter Krew - forum
Chargers: Bears-Fans - forum
Chiefs: Chiefs Warpath - forum
Cowboys: The Dallas - forum
Dolphins: Phin Fever - forum
Lions: Lion Backer - forum
Packers: Packer Forum - forum
Panthers: Panthers Fanz - forum
Patriots: - forum
Rams: Bears-Fans - forum
Ravens: Bears-Fans - forum
Redskins: The Warpath - forum
Saints: Saints - forum
Steelers: Steeler Nation - forum
Vikings: Kansas Viking - forum
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