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Postby Tuggle58 » Mon Nov 12, 2012 12:49 pm

First off, THANK YOU (especially Pudge for keeping it fresh and interesting) for all you do on this board. Even though I don't post often, I read the site each day. There is a brotherhood to our Falcon fraternity. There are not a lot of us, and we need to stick together and grow our 'base.' I live in Salt Lake City (relocated here after growing up in CA) and I have a loyal group of 5-6 hard-core fans here that we all watch the games together. We've actually traveled to 3 games already this year. Anyhow, I go to this site daily to get my fix. Some of you are wrong (I remember posting a long message about defending Ryan after a week 1 loss to the Steelers 2 years ago when many were ridiculously calling for his head), but I still love and respect each of you. Ryan is already the best QB we've ever had (I've seen every Falcon snap for 30 years) in the ATL, and he's the kind of guy we should be proud of. Those of you saying he wasn't 'angry' enough on the sidelines are just foolish.

(And those of you that are critical of the Julio trade are wrong. He will go down as one of our franchise's best 10 players ever if he doesn't get hurt. You simply don't pass on that. I still feel like we regretted not going up and getting Calvin when we could have offered our 1st and 2 2nds that year. So this was our way to 'repent,' by getting Julio, and it will work out. We ended up getting Jamal Anderson, Chris Houston, and Justin Blalock, instead of Calvin. Multiple reports had that deal, #8 overall and 2 high #2's for the #2 overall pick, on the table, and we turned it down).

That being said, for some reason i've always had a spot for Jason Snelling, and I don't understand why we don't give him a shot? I have always loved his toughness, ball security, and his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. Anytime he's had a chance for exposure, he's done well (@ Tampa a few years ago, @ AZ, et all....). Give the guy the rock! He always plays hard, and he at least fights hard. He also has great hands, unlike 'oven-mitts' Turner, who drops everything thrown to him.

Does anyone else think that all it takes to get Turner down is a soft push? If he doesn't get a head of steam, he is so soft. I'd take any of the Saints backs over him (Thomas, Ingram, Ivory, and obviously Sproles). 13 carries for 15 yards is not an offensive line problem. Our line did what they had to do. They are not the 1992 Cowboys, but they did enough for a decent back to be successful.

Just remember last years game against the Saints at home. Turner can't get a yard when we need it, and Snelling gives us one of the great 'RAC' moment of the last few years on that Touchdown. Guys, Turner is soft, overweight, and lethargic. We should have cut him after the DUI.

As a die-hard fan, I have my favorite Falcons that are under the radar. Guys like Bob Christian, Jumpy Geathers, Lester Archambeau, Ronny Bradford, et all... On this team, it's Vance Walker and Jason Snelling. (Always have LOVED Babs too, as he gets no love natioinally and always plays his ass off). So this post is an endorsement for Snelling. Maybe I am standing along on this, but I believe in the kid.

I just had to post something today. I am still so angry over yesterday (we shoudlhave won). But i'm also sad, because yesterday proved to me that we are likely going to struggle in the playoffs if we see Rodgers, Brees, Eli, or any other decent QB. We have masked not having Grimes, but it will show up again down the road.

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Re: Turner/Snelling

Postby Pudge » Mon Nov 12, 2012 3:27 pm

First off, let me say that I like Jason Snelling a lot. I think he is the prototype for what I call a role player. He can serve multiple roles. Whatever you ask of him, he does competently. Run, block, catch, pass protect, play special teams, all of the above he does and for the majority of those things he does well.

But with all that said, I'm not sure I buy that he should replace Turner. In the past, I've advocated a Snelling-Quizz headed backfield, but I've moved off that position.

I definitely believe that Snelling deserves more reps than he's getting. 2.5 touches per game just isn't enough. And I do think that Snelling in the past has shown himself to be a capable fill-in starter when need be (2009 and 2010).

But I don't think that he's going to add anything to the table that isn't already there. I think in terms of his rushing skillset, I think Snelling is average. He has average feet, average speed, average vision, average power, etc.

And in a role that requires 5, 8, 10 touches a game, that works fine. But if/when you get into starter's reps with 12, 15, 18, 20+ touches, I think that skillset will get exposed more often than not.

That's not to say that here or there, Snelling can't have his moments, and have a good game on occasion if given that opportunity, but I think the same can be said of Quizz and Turner.

I'm for increased reps for Snelling, for increased reps for Quizz, for decreased reps for Turner. But I don't think if that occurs, you'll see a major shift in their ground success. Even if you get improvement, you're probably going to see them go from like the 28th best running team to 25th best. What would be significant would be to go from 28th to 18th or something like that.

And I think you can shuffle the RB depth chart all you want, but I don't foresee that happening because I don't believe the O-line is capable of providing that caliber of blocking. I'm still holding out some hope that maybe once Konz has gotten 5, 6, or 7 games under his belt, we might begin to see that sort of improvement. But I'm not going to hold my breath.
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