NFR: Top 5 Landing Spots for Vick

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NFR: Top 5 Landing Spots for Vick

Postby Pudge » Fri Dec 07, 2012 3:47 pm

Going to the AFC will probably be in the cards if Vick is let go in Philly. ... nM-;_ylv=3

Direct Snap: Top five spots where Michael Vick could play in 2013
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Eagles' bold movesYahoo! Sports Videos 3:05Yahoo! Sports' Jason Cole weighs in on Philadelphia's big decisions on the roster and on the sidelin …


Now that coach Andy Reid has carried out the carefully planned firing of Michael Vick as Philadelphia Eagles' starting quarterback, attention turns to where the passer may play next season.

After talking to three NFL sources this week, here's a look at the likely landing spots for Vick this offseason.

1. Buffalo Bills – Though the team publicly denied being interested in Vick in 2009, a source close to the quarterback insists the Bills were a suitor. Additionally, current Bills starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is a nice player, but hardly a franchise guy. The Bills are built to win as soon as possible. Adding Vick to a team that has a solid offensive line would be an immediate boost. Also, coach Chan Gailey has experience working with mobile quarterbacks from his days in Pittsburgh with Kordell Stewart. Vick is far more talented than Stewart ever was, so Gailey could easily make this work.

Michael Vick hasn't played since leaving the Eagles' Week 10 contest against Dallas with a concussion. (REUTER …2. Cleveland Browns – The key to this possible match is that former Eagles president Joe Banner is now running the show for the Browns. Banner is a Vick fan. Moreover, Banner is, at best, lukewarm on the prospects of 29-year-old rookie starter Brandon Weeden developing into a star quarterback. In the bigger picture, the Browns have a great offensive line, a budding star running back in Trent Richardson and a pair of interesting young wide receivers (Josh Gordon and Greg Little). That's a strong nucleus in which to bring Vick, although it's also a layup drill for sarcastic media members who will point out that Vick will have joined the Dawg Pound.

3. New York Jets – The Jets are nothing if not daring and desperate, particularly after watching Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow spend the season flopping around like fish on the deck of a boat. Vick would serve a couple of purposes. First, he would be a serious upgrade in terms of talent. Second, and perhaps more importantly, he would boost ticket sales which have been stagnant for the past two years and are likely to decline after this season's fiasco.

4. Arizona Cardinals – They are always looking for a veteran fix at quarterback (see Kurt Warner and Kevin Kolb) and could acquire their second former Philadelphia passer in the span of three seasons. Moreover, that move might appease wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, who is growing increasingly impatient with the direction the Cardinals are going.

5. Philadelphia – The final school of thought is that Vick ultimately won't go anywhere. More likely, it will be Reid who gets let go first and then the decision on Vick will be left to Reid's successor. If the successor is Oregon coach Chip Kelly or former Tampa Bay and Oakland coach Jon Gruden, Vick's chances of staying increase exponentially. Vick would fit Kelly's high-tempo offense (assuming Kelly wants to run that attack in the NFL). As for Gruden, the last thing he has ever done as a coach is develop a young quarterback. Vick, who is 32, fits into Gruden's model of an older guy who knows the playbook already.
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