HBJ's 'A Punks Prayer'

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HBJ's 'A Punks Prayer'

Postby fun gus » Thu Jun 13, 2013 12:02 pm

Well, HBO does it again. Last night I watched 'A Punk's Prayer' the slick, glowing biopic of those wonderful musicians 'Pu$$y Riot'. What a crock of horsedung. I know people like Sting and Madonna think these girls are 'heroes', but I ain't buying it. Allow me to explain:

First, they should not have gotten a 3 year sentence. I believe the media attention now will probably get that reduced. I also do not applaud the Soviet Politik, or Putin. In many respects, they are as abusive and tyrannical as Assad or Jong-Il....

But let us not forget the 'crime' they committed. In order to protest the State, these idiots went into the 'Cathedral of Christ the Savior' one of the most 'holiest' of places for Orthodox Russians Christians. They did this during a service. Not only did they disrupt the service, the mocked a very specific part of it..They jumped up and down close to the altar screeching a mock prayer to the Virgin Mary to ‘get rid of Putin’. Words such as stupid, crass, insensitive and disrespectful come to mind. Why aren’t we using them? Can you imagine someone going into St Pats in NYC or the Old North Church in Boston, or the Temple in Salt Lake City, and pulling a stunt like this to protest the US Govt.? How do you think that would turn out? Hell Sinead OConnor ripped up a picture of the Pope on SNL,and we didn't hear from her again!

They just built the 10th largest Mosque in the World in Moscow, where 23 million Islamists live. Tell me, fans of PR, can you tell me what would have happened to these chicks if they went in DURING ISLAMIC PRAYERS, and started mocking them? Methinks they would have been praying for Putin to save thier 'punk asses'. They would have experienced a true 'beatdown' the likes of which they would never, ever forget. If they survived at all.


The other thing people seem to miss is that they are not openly asking for a 'Liberal Democracy'. They are more or less, Anarchists from what I can tell about the three women who 'rail against corporations',( while playing thier handmade guitars and tweeting on thier made from scratch tablets) is they have a problem with more then Putin, they also hate organized religion, patriarchy,and capitalism in general.

Which is one of the paradoxes that has always faced the true 'Punk Movement'. The original punks in order to 'get thier message out' had to sell records. When they sdold records, a corporation made money, and then paid them. And this was very problematic for them.

The other thing is, Johnny Rotten may well have been an asshole, and Sid Vicious may have been a junkie, but you didn't see them colluding with neo-political parties. If a buncha hippies and nerd moved in and tried to 'Occupy Covent Garden' in the 1970's they would have received a nice Doc Marten to the temple, followed by a couple kidney shots while they were on the ground.

Yet these coonts get honored by the Western Media.. :roll:

Vadim Nikitin put it very well in the NYTimes: "How many fans of Pussy Riot’s zany “punk prayer” in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova’s erudite and moving closing statement were equally thrilled by her participation, naked and heavily pregnant, in a public orgy at a Moscow museum in 2008? That performance, by the radical art group Voina (Russian for “war”), was meant to illustrate how Russians were abused by their government. Voina had previously set fire to a police car and drew obscene images on a St. Petersburg drawbridge.

Stunts like that would get you arrested just about anywhere, not just in authoritarian Russia. But Pussy Riot and its comrades at Voina come as a full package: You can’t have the fun, pro-democracy, anti-Putin feminism without the incendiary anarchism, extreme sexual provocations, deliberate obscenity and hard-left politics.

Unless you are comfortable with all that (and I strongly suspect 99 percent of Pussy Riot’s fans in the mainstream media are not), then standing behind Pussy Riot only now, when it is obviously blameless and the government clearly guilty, is pure opportunism. And just like in the bad old days, such knee-jerk yet selective support for Russian dissidents — without fully engaging with their ideas — is not only hypocritical but also does a great disservice to their cause."

wtg, HBO. :down:

"what if there were no hypothetical situations?"

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