"Atlanta Falcons STOMP 2006!" Download the MP3 HOT

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"Atlanta Falcons STOMP 2006!" Download the MP3 HOT

Postby akatay » Wed Aug 24, 2005 8:18 am

I know you remember the hot http://2CRUNK.com hit we released late last year the "Atlanta Falcons STOMP" by BIG Tw@n & A.K.A. Tay. We have remade the track adding booming, rolling bass drops accompanied by hard, driving rock guitar along with clearer instruments and hotter vocals! References to Atlanta Falcons players by name have also been updated to reflect the new 2005-2006 Atlanta Falcons roster. We made the song too late in the season last year so here it is early fresh from the mastering house. It's time for the Atlanta Falcons to swoop on the Superbowl and we will be stompin' opponents on our way to the top!!!

Here is the link to listen or download the "Atlanta Falcons STOMP 2006" for FREE:

Atlanta Falcons Forum comments on the original "Atlanta Falcons STOMP" from last year:
"That was really dang good! When I get home from work I am going to have to burn it to a CD so I can play it before the games. Beats the ###### out of the music they normally play before the game. Good job on the song akatay!"....
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"Man, I finally checked out the song because this threads been on the top 15 for the longest. I don't like the song............ I love it!!! Lyrically, it's ok, but if u wanna get hype, this is definately the song. yeah, pretty good song, but excellent hype song."
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"Tay man that s### bumpin it should sho nuff be the the theme song for them. And yall should listen to it is a legit website. I had play it like three times cuz it is so crunk."
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