Seattle: Poor Winners

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Seattle: Poor Winners

Postby dirtybirdnw » Sun Sep 18, 2005 11:03 pm

Holy crap, talk about verbally abused leavin the stadium after the game. Every Seattle fan took their shot at me after the game. Not only did I get **** inside and outside of the stadium I got it on the highway stuck in traffic and at dinner 2/3's of the back to my house.

Anywho... Excellent seats and I got to see every Falcon up close. Interesting to note that the Falcons come out in units during the pre-game as opposed to most teams running out all at one time.

I saw one of the worst halfs of Falcon football ever and one of the better halfs. We gave up about 300 yards in the first half and just 100 in the second. Our defense looked confused much of the first half and the Seahawks were moving Jackson around ALOT trying to keep DeLo off of him. Hartwell & most our linebacking unit was transparent during the first half. Same for Pat Kerney & Crew. The defense didn't get anything going until the second half. It's the first time I've seen us make second half adjustments soooo well!

Michael Jenkins & Mike Vick have no chemistry. One pass that would have been a TD wen't between Jenkins elbows right in front of me. Then again Vick over threw Jenkins right in front of me for what would have been another touchdown. We should have won that game 35-21 but because of those two incompletions we did not. Vick really doesn't have any chemistry with any of his receivers except Crumpler or Finneran. He is grossly out of timing with everyone else. Jenkins was getting seperation all day long on any Seahawk DB that covered him. The offensive line was solid today and had no holding penalities. Although, they didn't get many running lanes open. We really needed to use TJ Duckett against Seattle he had success but the Falcons never figured it out and ran with Dunn in a failed attempt.

The only positive things I can get from this game is that once Vick gets chemistry with White, White, and Jenkins he'll be good. The line did play better overall but we still managed to go a whole half with nothing but three and outs.

I it appears that Greg Knapp and poor chemistry between Jenkins & Vick was the reason we lost today. Knapp didn't let Vick air it out and when he got a chance he missed his target. If this is how our offense works for the rest of the year we don't have to worry about the post season. I have faith this was because of Monday night hangover and going cross country. But there was little too take from this game in a positive way.
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