Cameron Jordan, DE, California

Scouting reports of the defensive ends in the 2011 Draft.
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Cameron Jordan, DE, California

Postby Pudge » Sun Feb 13, 2011 11:46 am

California Senior
40: 4.85


Does a good job getting leverage vs. the run. Can anchor and works against the double team. Can shed the blocker and make the stop at the point of attack. Can shoot gaps to make stops in the backfield. Has good athleticism and flashes quickness and burst to threaten the edge when working in the 5-technique. Has good ability as a bull rusher, and shows a decent counter move and spin move off the corner. Has nice range and can make some plays in space and chase ballcarriers downfield. Has good closing burst to deliver blow to runner in space. Plays with a good motor.


At times, needs to do a better job getting off blocks. Doesn't consistently show the speed to challenge the edge when working outside against the tackle. Can be late reacting to the snap at times. Not as natural when you get him in space and ask to him to flow or run to the ball.


A productive three-year starter in Cal's 3-4 scheme, he had a pretty consistent level of production all three years. He combined for 157 tackles, 33 tackles for loss, and 15.5 sacks in those three years. HIs best year came as a senior, where he had 62-12.5-5.5. He also forced 4 fumbles, recovered 5 fumbles, and scored 2 touchdowns on fumble returns during his career. His father was Steve Jordan, a 6-time Pro Bowl tight end with the Minnesota Vikings (1982-94).


Jordan projects well into the 3-4 scheme at defensive end. He is a good run defender that also is a nice pass rusher. But he's not going to be a dominant pass rusher at the next level. He's a guy that can get 4-6 sacks at the next level, and can get push and pressure, but his biggest contribution will be against the run, and keeping blockers off linebackers. He'll be an asset there and be a solid starter. I don't see him as an elite guy, but he definitely can at least be an above average to good starter that I would compare to someone like Chris Canty, Antonio Smith, or Cullen Jenkins. I'm not convinced he's going to be the caliber of end that can be a matchup nightmare for the top tackles, but he certainly is a guy that can create problems for the lesser guys. As far as playing in a 4-3, he can play there, but he's more of a two-down run stopper in that scheme, and unless he slims down to 280 or lower, he's not going to be more than 2-4 sack guy there. He should be a productive starter that I think can contribute right away in that role and have a nice long, productive NFL career.


For the Falcons, Jordan isn't a great fit for their scheme, unless they were to bulk him up and try to make him a defensive tackle. He could potentially play that role, but would probably need to get up to around 300 pound range before he could really be as effective inside. Either way, he'd be more of a situational player in the Jamaal Anderson mold that plays run downs outside, and passing downs inside. And he just doesn't offer the ideal upside to think he's worth developing in that role in Atlanta. He'd be a nice role player, but that's about it.


For a 3-4 team looking for a solid starter, he's a nice pickup in the latter half of the first round or early part of the second.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

Strength: 4.0
Quickness: 3.0
Pass Rush: 3.0
Point of Attack: 4.0
Recognition: 4.0
Motor: 3.5
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