Game #11 VS New Orleans Saints Review

This one just plain sucked and hurt to watch again. The defense wasn’t up to par and the wide receivers were up to their old tricks again along with the o-line. Hopefully, we still find a way to turn this season around but it sure isn’t looking good at this point. At any rate,

Here’s what I saw:


Running game: Dunn (19/52, 1 TD), Vick (12/166), Norwood (13/54), Griffith (1/9). Only 6 of Dunn’s carries went for 4 yards or more. What in the world is going on with him? Vick WAS the offense today. He had 1 fumble that was recovered by Gandy.

Breakdown of passes:

Vick: 9/24, 84 yards, 0 TD/0 INT. Breakdown of incompletions are: 3 bad throws, 7 pass defended (3 of which was easily on the WR’s either falling down or not coming back to the ball), 1 throw away and 4 drops. The bad throws number was less than 20% and that’s what we are looking for. The WR’s flat out killed the passing game today.

Drops (4): White 2 (7), Jenkins 1 (11), and Lelie 1 (6).

Sack responsibility (3): 1: On Gandy. Darryl Johnston thought Vick should have gotten rid of it but Vick had less than 4 seconds of time before he started moving. 2: On Clabo and Gandy both. Clabo allowed the initial pressure and Gandy allowed Smith to come through to clean up. 3: This one was on Vick, simply trying to do too much.

Pass blocking: Vick was hit at least 15 times and that’s way too much. The sack numbers don’t do the description justice.

YTD Sacks (32):

Michael Vick 13 (4 rushing attempts that went for negative yards)
Matt Lehr 2.5
Kynan Forney 2
Eric Beverly 1
Wayne Gandy 4.0
Justin Griffith 1.0
Warrick Dunn 2.0
Alge Crumpler 1.0
Todd Weiner 1.0
Tyson Clabo 1.5
P.J. Alexander 1.0
“Scheme/No line adjustment” 1.0

Note: Vick sacks are those that he has at least 3 seconds and either chose to try to scramble or stayed in the pocket when the better decision would be to throw it away. Also includes those rushing attempts that go for 0 or negative yardage that for some reason are counted as a sack.


Run defense: Only allowed 95 yards on 25 attempts and was pretty solid but did get gashed for several big plays including 2 TD’s so it was a solid effort but could have been much better.

Pass Defense: Absolutely horrible. Crocker got burned on a play that teams have no victimized us with 3 times. Chris Henry and Roy Williams scored on long plays just like this one. D-Hall went for the pick at the half instead of just knocking it down. Finally, Rossum got abused by Henderson.

2 sacks: Keith Brooking and Edgerton Hartwell had 1 each.

Special Teams:

Rossum had 3 kickoff returns for: 28, 17, 19. Very mediocre return day.
Norwood had 1 kickoff return for 37. Nice return.

Rossum had 2 punt returns for 13 and 6. Mediocre.

Koenen had 6 punts. 1: 37 yards, downed at the 9. 2: 59 yards, touchback. 3: 54 yards, return of -1, inside the 10. 4: 65 yards, out of bounds. 5: 25 yards, to the 12. 6: 55 yards, no return. A great day punting.

Kickoffs: Koenen had 4 kickoffs: 1: to the endzone, returned to the 21. 2: to the 4, returned to the 37. 3: to the endzone, returned to the 18. Only one really good returned allowed, good day kicking.

Field Goals: Andersen hit 2/3. Good from 22 and 30. Missed the first FG try of the day of 43 yards wide left.

Special Teams leading tackler: Omare Lowe had 2 including the last kickoff at the 18 yard line.

Things that really need improvement:

1. Cure the drops!
2. Protect the QB.
3. Pass defense.

Offensive MVP: Michael Vick

Defensive MVP: Keith Brooking (8 combined tackles, 1 hurry, 1 sack)
Special Teams MVP: Michael Koenen

Goat of the Week: Roddy White

Let me know your thoughts and questions otherwise:

Next up: AT Washington Redskins, December 3!

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  1. The Falcons are still a one man team, and it becomes more and more obvious that MORA AND KNAPP are the reasons why! They can’t put together a game plan that involves the productive players (Crumpler & Norwood) more and can’t coach up these crappy fake-ass ‘Stars- (Dunn… They need to go, yesterday…

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