Game #14 AT Tampa Bay Buccaneers Review

In a nutshell, turnovers from the offense and a special teams breakdown blew the game wide open in the first half and then the run defense was gashed in the second half. When you have the ball for only 17 minutes, you just aren’t going to win. When watching live, I noticed Devaney was sitting to the right of Blank instead of McKay. Knowing now that Blank pursued Parcells, it may have been that McKay was notified that he would not be the GM next season.

Here’s what I saw:


Running game: Dunn (8/32), Norwood (9/73), Snelling (1/-1), Mughelli (1/1) and Redman (1/1). Effective Runs (4 yards or more)-Dunn, 3 and Norwood, 6. Dunn also had 1 catch for 7 yards. One very strange call was Snelling’s carry to the outside. Why run your short yardage guy outside? Didn’t make sense to me.

Breakdown of passes:

Redman: 4/15, 34 yards, 0 TD, 2 INT. Breakdown of incompletions: 5 Bad passes, 4 Dropped passes and 2 Defended passes.

Drops (4): Mughelli, 1; Dunn, 2; Norwood, 1. The running backs had a very hard time catching the ball this week.

YTD Drops (44):

Jenkins 9
White 10
Crumpler 6
Horn 3
Dunn 8
Norwood 3
Blakley 1
Robinson 3
Mughelli 1

Run blocking: It was decent. Still seems that most yards are on pure speed for the most part.

Pass blocking: It was okay again. A couple of passes batted at the line, a sack resulting in a fumble and 2 more pressures all on 15 attempts. Nothing to get excited about.

Sack responsibility (1): The lone sack was on Clabo which resulted in a fumble.

YTD Sacks (42):

Scheme 3.0
Norwood 2.5
Gandy 1.0
Forney 3.0
Harrington 8.5
Weiner 1.5
Blalock 8.0
McClure 3.5
Dunn 1.0
Foster 1.0
Clabo 3.0
Ojinnaka 3.0
Batiste 2.0
Redman 1.0

Note: QB responsible sacks are those that he has at least 3 seconds and either chose to try to scramble or stayed in the pocket when the better decision would be to throw it away. Also includes those rushing attempts that go for 0 or negative yardage that for some reason are counted as a sack.


Run defense: Allowed 190 yards and was very soft up front. Teams seem to just push us out of the way and do what they want.

Pass Defense: Wasn’t bad but when you get almost 200 yards on the ground, who needs to pass?

Sacks: Davis and Abraham each had sacks. There were also 6 hurries so we did a good job of putting pressure on Garcia.

Special Teams:
Norwood had 2 kickoff returns: 1. from the -1, 19 yards; 2. from the 10, 13 yards. Not an overly good day and stopped returning after injury on a running play.

Jennings had 4 kickoff returns: 1. from the -1, 28 yards; 2. from the 9, 25 yards (negated by holding penalty); 3. from the 5, 13 yards; 4. from the -1, 31 yards. Definitely had the better day.

There was also 1 pooch kick that wasn’t field cleanly.

Jennings had 1 punt return that resulted in a fumble but recovered by Chris Houston. He should have called for a fair catch on the play.

Koenen had 6 punts: 1-40 yards to the TB 34, 8 yard return. 2-36 yards to the TB 21, 7 yard return. 3-41 yards to TB 20, 8 yard return. 4-49 yards to the TB 26, 4 yard return (negated by illegal block penalty); 5-44 yards to the TB 41, 4 yard return; 6-63 yards to the end zone, no return. Very windy day but still a good day.

Koenen had 2 kickoffs: 1. to the 10, returned for touchdown; 2. to the TB 11, 8 yard return. Considering the wind, good distance.

Field Goals: Andersen made his only attempt from 33 yards.

Special Teams coverage: Outside of the touchdown allowed, very nice job.

Things that really need improvement:

1. Eliminate negative yardage plays (turnovers, penalties, negative rushes, and sacks).
2. O-line needs to get more push, reach the second level and put defensive players on their backs.
3. Find a GM AND Coach.

Offensive MVP: Jerious Norwood (73 yards rushing)

Defensive MVP: Chauncey Davis (4 tackles, 1 sack, 3 hurries)

Special Teams MVP: Stephen Nicholas and Ovie Mughelli (2 tackles each)

Goat of the Week: Bobby Petrino

Let me know your thoughts and questions otherwise:

Next up: AT Arizona Cardinals, December 23rd!