Game #5 AT Tennessee Titans Review

Nothing but wasted opportunities and a game where the the o-line reverted back to prior form. Harrington started off okay but the pressure really got to him in the 3rd quarter and you could tell he was rushing throws. Norwood really needs to get more carries and Mughelli needs to be on the field more. The other thing I question is with 1-G on the 1, why not sneak Leftwich 4 straight times? As big as he is, he’s bound to break through once.

Here’s what I saw:


Running game: Dunn (10/27), Norwood (6/23), Pinner (1/49), Mughelli (1/1), White (1/-2) and Leftwich (1/1). Effective Runs (4 yards or more)-Dunn, 2; Norwood, 3. Both had 2 catches for minimal yardage.

Breakdown of passes:

Harrington: 16/31, 87 yards, 0 TD, 1 INT. Breakdown of incompletions: 4 Defended, 2 Drops, 2 Throw aways and 7 Bad Passes. First half was okay but the pressure really got to him midway through the 3rd quarter and ended up being replaced after rushing several throws in a row.

Leftwich: 2/8, 28 yards, 0 TD, 1 INT. Breakdown of incompletions: 4 Bad Passes, 1 Defended, 1 Dropped (iffy in my opinion). Jenkins had to jump and it was noted he should have caught it but because it was high and he technically didn’t get hands on it it could have very easily been called a bad pass.

Drops (3): White, 2 and Jenkins, 1.

YTD Drops (11):

Jenkins 4
Horn 2
White 3
Norwood 1
Dunn 1

Run blocking: Horrid. Tennessee was in the backfield all day. The o-line got very little push nor did they open holes.

Pass blocking: Horrid. See the above. The MAX time Harrington/Leftwich had was 3 seconds.

Sack responsibility (2): Blalock on the first sack and Foster on the last play of the game.

YTD Sacks (18):

Scheme 1.0
Norwood 1.5
Gandy 1.0
Forney 1.0
Harrington 4.5
Weiner 1.5
Blalock 3.5
McClure 2.0
Dunn 1.0
Foster 1.0

Note: QB responsible sacks are those that he has at least 3 seconds and either chose to try to scramble or stayed in the pocket when the better decision would be to throw it away. Also includes those rushing attempts that go for 0 or negative yardage that for some reason are counted as a sack.


Run defense: Wasn’t all that great in the 1st half but did lock it down in the 2nd half. Overall a very good effort considering Tennessee’s running offense.

Pass Defense: TE’s, RB’s and whoever Sanders is covering continue to be a problem. Other than that, very good. I didn’t have to change this at all this week.

Sacks: None

Special Teams:

Norwood had 3 kickoff returns: 1. from the 0, 23 yards; 2. from the -1, 76 yards; 3. from the 10, 45 yards and there was also 1 touchback.

Jennings had 1 punt return for 0 and 2 fair catches.

Koenen had 6 punts: 1-51 yards to the TEN 26, 7 yard return. 2-38 yards to the TEN 45, no return. 3-45 yards to TEN 18, no return. 4-32 yards to the TEN 17, 28 yards. 5-39 yards to the TEN 45, fumbled return recovered by the Falcons. 6-23 yards to the TEN 12, no return.

Kickoffs: Koenen had 4 kickoffs: 1. to the 8, 34 yard return; 2. to the 5, 18 yard return; 3. to the end zone, touchback; 4. to the -2, 23 yard return.

Field Goals: Andersen went 2/3. Lone miss was from 48 and just short. Koenen went 0/2 from 53 and from 50.

Special Teams coverage: A few good returns but otherwise a very good day.

Things that really need improvement:

1. Lewis Sanders.
2. Get touchdowns and not field goals, make the most out of red zone opportunities.
3. Coverage of TE’s and RB’s. Seems they are wide open far too often.

Offensive MVP: Jerious Norwood, (6, 23 yards)
Defensive MVP: Michael Boley (10 tackles, 1 INT)

Special Teams MVP: Jerious Norwood.

Goat of the Week: Offensive Line.

Let me know your thoughts and questions otherwise:

Next up: VS New York Giants, October 15th!