Game #5 vs New York Giants Review

This was a game that we let get away from us. The good news is that most of the problems we have are fixable. The bad news is that most of them have happened before and haven’t been fixed yet.

Here’s what I saw:


Running game: Dunn (14/146,1 TD), Vick (8/68,1 TD), Norwood (4/9). Outside of 5 rushes, the Giants did a good job of bottling up Warrick Dunn. The 90 yard run really boosted the numbers up significantly. Towards the end of the game the Giants defense seemed to have a few answers for Vick’s running but never really truly contained him. Yet another 200 yard rushing game as a team.

Breakdown of passes:

Vick: 14/27, 154 yards, 0 TD/1 INT. Breakdown of incompletions are: 6 bad throws, 2 pass defended, 1 throw away and 4 drops. The INT was on Roddy White not Vick. Even Coach Mora lit into White as he came to the sideline telling him, “You’ve got to catch those.” There was 1 more bad throw than I would like to see but considering that 1 of his bad throws came on a play that would have been a sack with virtually any other QB in the league, it’s tough to be too upset about that. The drops are still present. The receivers MUST step it up. Our receivers and backs simply aren’t making the “tough catches” and that needs to improve as well. The biggest thing missing from this team right now is for somebody to step up and make some “Wow” catches.

Drops (4): Jenkins 2 (6), White 1 (3), and Jennings 1 (1). Jenkins dropped a sure TD early on a perfect deep ball and then dropped one later that even Moose said something about. White’s drop was the INT as Mora pointed out. I hated to pin a drop on Jennings because of the way he got tagged but the ball was in his hands and he just didn’t hang on.

Sack responsibility (7): First one was the result of a double corner blitz. Gandy missed his chip, Dunn couldn’t get over in time to pick that up and Griffith completely missed his block. The second one was Lehr missing a man and Gandy missing two guys (the one he should have got and the one Lehr ignored). The third is a result of an ineffective block attempt by Dunn. The fourth and fifth sacks were a result of Vick holding the ball too long. The sixth sack was on Gandy. The final sack was on Lehr. Not a good day for the backfield or the left side of the line.

Pass blocking: Horrid job of blocking in this game by the o-line.

YTD Sacks (18):

Vick 8 (3 rushing attempts that went for negative yards)
Lehr 2.5
Forney 2
Beverly 1
Wayne Gandy 2.5
Justin Griffith 1.0
Warrick Dunn 1.0


Run defense: Not a good job, especially on the outside. Mostly a case of being outplayed physically. The LB’s consistantly got blocked out of plays or overpursued. No one linebacker stood out as a problem.

Pass Defense: Not sure why Barber didn’t have someone on him consistantly and still not sure how a Jeremy Shockey gets covered by Ike Reese. Overall, really not a bad job of pass defense but it simply wasn’t as aggressive as I’d like to see.

2 sacks: Kerney had 1 and Abraham added another. Both in the first half and there was very little pressure in the second half.

Special Teams:

Rossum had 4 kickoff returns for 21, 22 and 27 yards twice. Norwood had 1 for 22 yards. No punt returns. An okay job but nothing standing out.

Koenen had 6 punts. 3 went inside the 20. A very good job of punting.

Kickoffs: Koenen had 3 kickoffs: Two went to the Endzone with 1 Touchback. Excellent coverage job.

Field Goals: None.

Special Teams leading tackler: Mathis, McCrary and Beck all had 1.

Things that really need improvement:

1. WR’s MUST make plays.
2. Is Vick allowed to audible? When DB’s are blitzing, the WR’s shouldn’t be running anything but very quick routes.
3. Defense must tackle better and not overpursue.
4. Offensive line must give Vick time.

Offensive MVP: Michael Vick
Defensive MVP: Patrick Kerney (3 tackles, 1 sack, 1 hurry and 1 pass defended)
Special Teams MVP: Michael Koenen

Goat of the Week: Jenkins, White, Gandy and Lehr
Let me know your thoughts and questions otherwise:

Next up: vs. Pittsburgh, October 22!

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  1. Interesting spin that the pass blocking was “excellent” despite the team giving up 7 sacks. Not sure, if that comment was a typo or you being sarcastic…

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