Game #6 VS New York Giants Review

This game started off promising but went south quickly after the first quarter. There was a glimmer of hope in the third but that was quickly eradicated when the offense went three and out. Really nothing outside of Norwood went right.

Here’s what I saw:


Running game: Dunn (8/15), Norwood (6/87, 1 TD) and Harrington (1/1). Effective Runs (4 yards or more)-Dunn, 1; Norwood, 2. Dunn had 2 catches for 13 yards and Norwood had 4 for 51.

Breakdown of passes:

Harrington: 18/39, 209 yards, 0 TD, 1 INT. Breakdown of incompletions: 8 Bad passes, 5 Defended, 8 Drops. First quarter was very good but it really unraveled from there.

Drops (8): White, 1; Crumpler, 3; Horn, 1; Dunn, 1; Blakley, 1 and Jenkins, 1.

YTD Drops (19):

Jenkins 5
White 4
Crumpler 3
Horn 3
Dunn 2
Norwood 1
Blakley 1

Run blocking: Outside of Norwood’s big run wasn’t all that good.

Pass blocking: Horrid. It’s pretty bad when a line can’t consistently give even 3 seconds.

Sack responsibility (4): First is on Blalock by Robbins. Second on the scheme as everyone was blocking but it was a delayed corner blitz. There was no hot man or RB to block in that spot. Third one is on Norwood for missing a block. Final sack is on Harrington for holding it too long.

YTD Sacks (22):

Scheme 2.0
Norwood 2.5
Gandy 1.0
Forney 1.0
Harrington 5.5
Weiner 1.5
Blalock 4.5
McClure 2.0
Dunn 1.0
Foster 1.0

Note: QB responsible sacks are those that he has at least 3 seconds and either chose to try to scramble or stayed in the pocket when the better decision would be to throw it away. Also includes those rushing attempts that go for 0 or negative yardage that for some reason are counted as a sack.


Run defense: Allowed almost 200 yards rushing. Not good at all.

Pass Defense: Over 300 yards passing. Not good at all.

Sacks: Abraham, 1.

Special Teams:

Norwood had 5 kickoff returns: 1. from the 13, 17 yards; 2. from the 16, 17 yards; 3. from the GL; 4. from the 15, 14 yards (nullified by Blakley holding); 5. from the 10, 19 yards.

Mughelli had 1 kickoff return for 18 yards from the 15.

Jennings had 1 punt return for 7 yards and 2 fair catches.

Koenen had 7 punts: 1-34 yards to the NYG 22, no return. 2-55 yards to the NYG 24, 10 yard return. 3-40 yards to NYG 45, no return. 4-37 yards to the NYG 13, no return. 5-34 yards to the NYG 8, no return. 6-50 yards to the NYG 14, no return; 7-38 yards to the NYG 33, no return. Very mediocre distance on punts.

Kickoffs: Koenen had 3 kickoffs: 1. to the 2, 25 yard return; 2. to the 6, 22 yard return (nullified by penalty); 3. to the goal line, 23 yard return. Not great but a good day.

Field Goals: Andersen went 1/2. Good from 47, short from 48.

Special Teams coverage: A few good returns but otherwise a very good day.

Things that really need improvement:

1. Pass protection.
2. Get touchdowns and not field goals, make the most out of red zone opportunities.
3. Overall defense.

Offensive MVP: Jerious Norwood, (6, 87 yards, 1 TD)
Defensive MVP: Deangelo Hall (11 tackles, 1 INT, 4 passes defended)

Special Teams MVP: Jerious Norwood.

Goat of the Week: Offensive Line.

Let me know your thoughts and questions otherwise:

Next up: AT New Orleans Saints, October 21st!