Game #9 vs Cleveland Browns Review

This was just sad offensively. I thought the defense played very tough despite the injuries. Allen Rossum isn’t a starting corner by any means and did give up some key plays but the fact that Cleveland only got 17 points wasn’t bad. At any rate-

Here’s what I saw:


Running game: Dunn (21/73), Vick (7/74), Jackson (1/2). Outside of Vick running, there was nothing there. Only 7 of Dunn’s carries went for 4 yards or more. I really think Norwood’s absence was huge in this game. Vick’s fumble near the end of the game was crucial and was probably more to fatigue (as the commentators stated). After having an 11 yard run nullified due to a holding penalty, we called his number again. Not the best playcalling.

Breakdown of passes:

Vick: 16/40, 197 yards, 1 TD/2 INT. Breakdown of incompletions are: 9 bad throws, 7 passes defended, 3 throw aways and 5 drops. The bad throws number was too high and when the passes defended number is as high as it was, that’s a very good indicator that the QB could probably make some better throws to give the receiver a better shot. In this case, the bad throws 20% mark is deceptive. This was the worst passing game Vick has had this season.

Schaub: 0/1, 0 yards, 0 TD/0 INT. Breakdown of incompletions: 1 bad throw.

Drops (5): Jenkins 2 (10), Lelie 2 (5), Dunn 1 (2).

Sack responsibility (1): The lone sack was on Crump.

Pass blocking: Although there was only one sack, there were 3 throw aways and far too many plays that Vick didn’t have a decent amount of time.

YTD Sacks (24):

Vick 12 (4 rushing attempts that went for negative yards)
Lehr 2.5
Forney 2
Beverly 1
Wayne Gandy 2.5
Justin Griffith 1.0
Warrick Dunn 1.0
Alge Crumpler 1.0

Note: Vick sacks are those that he has at least 3 seconds and either chose to try to scramble or stayed in the pocket when the better decision would be to throw it away.


Run defense: Outside of Frye’s busted play scrambles, we stuffed them.

Pass Defense: Their two TD’s came on passing plays and the late field goal was set up on a long play. Basically, they took advantage of Rossum on those. The effort was more than enough to win the game and one of the Browns field goals was set up by a Vick INT that started them at our 41.

5 sacks: T.J. Jackson got the first one on their 2nd Drive. The second came just before halftime via Paul Carrington who also stripped the ball and started the whole lateral thing. The third came on their opening drive of the third quarter when D-mo got good pressure but missed the sack and Boley cleaned it up to get the sack. The fourth came on the near safety by Rod Coleman. The final sack came at the hands of Josh Mallard on the first play in the fourth quarter. Great pressure and great to see the young guys step up.

Special Teams:

Rossum had 1 kickoff return for 30 yards. Jennings had 3 for 32 (pushed back due to penalty), 26 and 20. Although Jennings didn’t have any spectacular returns, I really think it’s just a matter of time before he busts a long one.

Rossum had 6 punt returns for 3, 6, 37, 12, 6, 1. One great, one good, a couple of average returns and a couple of short ones. A mixed bag but overall I’d say it was a good effort.

Koenen had 8 punts. 1: 37 yards, returned for 2. 2: 39 yards, returned for 6. 3: 39 yards, return of 6. 4: 29 yards, inside 20 but still shanked. 5: 12 yards, out of bounds. Partially blocked. 6: 41 yards, fair catch inside the 20. 7: 46 yards, fair catch inside the 10. 8: 44 yards, no return yards. The last 3 punts were very good, the rest weren’t very good. Not an impressive day.

Kickoffs: Koenen had 4 kickoffs: 1: squibbed 19 yards (almost halftime). 2: to the 7, returned 21 yards, 3: to the 9, returned 19 yards, 4: to the 6, returned 16 yards. Not a great day kicking off as the kicks were short (for his standards) and resulted in yards beyond the 20.

Field Goals: Andersen hit two field goals from 44 and 41.

Special Teams leading tackler: Jordan Beck had 4.

Things that really need improvement:

1. Cure the drops. The WR’s simply have to get consistent and make something other than “gimme” plays.
2. Get more consistent in pass blocking.
3. Protect the football better.

Offensive MVP: Roddy White (5 catches, 99 yards, no drops)
Defensive MVP: Paul Carrington (5 combined tackles, 1 fumble forced, 1 sack)-T.J. Jackson gets an honorable mention. I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of him in the coming seasons.
Special Teams MVP: Morten Andersen (2 field goals)

Goat of the Week: Michael Vick (2 costly turnovers) and the wide receivers (5 drops)
Let me know your thoughts and questions otherwise:

Next up: at Baltimore, November 19!

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