Go ahead and boo Vick

A Homecoming

A Homecoming

The Philadelphia Eagles come to town this weekend and along with them Michael Vick. A lot of mixed emotions I’m sure among Falcon fans in regards to Vick. A mix of fond and frustrating memories. But for all Falcon fans that will be at the game this Sunday in the Dome (I won’t be among them), I insist that you boo the heck out of Vick when given the opportunity.

Why? Not because you dislike him. Personally, if there was a Hall of Fame for disliking Vick, I’d be a first ballot inductee. But Falcon fans should take a page from the Green Bay Packers and boo Vick. For Packer fans, I imagine they were just as conflicted when Favre came to town. They loved him for years, but he seemingly slapped them in the face by going to a hated rival. In a few years once Favre retires, many of the Packer fans that felt betrayed by Favre will forgive and forget about this little episode and focus on remembering Favre for the player he was in his heyday in green and gold.

My suggestion to Falcon fans is to do the same in regards of Vick. Support the team like the Packers fans did and boo Favre. Regardless of your personal opinion of Vick, I suggest Falcon fans show their team pride and not wear their old No. 7 jerseys and if Vick ever steps onto that field to hear a chorus of boos.

The Falcons are in the midst of a playoff chase, and taking a timeout this weekend to cheer for Vick is very unseemly. A true Falcon fan roots for the Falcons only, regardless of who lines up across the field.

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