Hall may want out of Atlanta

DeAngelo Hall has called into question his future with the team per an AP report. Hall indicates that he does not want to be part of a losing team next season, implicitly saying that he may demand a trade if he and the new coach do not mesh well.

Hall had his share of run-ins with Bobby Petrino during his time with the Falcons, and was one of the more outspoken critics of Petrino upon his departure. Hall even indicated a week ago to the AJC that with Petrino gone, he would be much more open to stay with the Falcons. Hall’s contract is set to expire following the 2008 season, and he’s been outspoken about his desire to receive a large contract in the past. It was rumored that Hall asked to be traded this past October, but those rumors were later dispelled.

Hall’s most recent “outburst” could be linked over his displeasure at the team targetting Bill Parcells to take over football operations. In the AP report, Hall’s statements imply that he would prefer a coach much more akin to former Falcons head coach Jim Mora in being much more approachable than Petrino was, and Parcells is said to be.

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