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Hall to be fined, not suspended

September 26th, 2007

ESPN reports that sources indicate that Falcons cornerback DeAngelo Hall will not be suspended for his outbursts and penalties that occurred during the Falcons recent loss to the Carolina Panthers, but rather fined.

Exact details to the amount of the fine are unknown, but the sources report it will be in the low six-figure range, but not be as much as a single game check. Due to Hall’s $3.11 million salary, he receives payment of about $183,000 per game.

It is not known whether Hall will appeal the fine, but words spoken to the AJC imply that he will not: “If it’s a suspension or a fine, especially if it’s a suspension, I take it in full stride. It don’t feel good to be the reason your team loses a game. Whether you give up a touchdown pass or you get a stupid penalty, it all feels the same.”

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