Hall trade talks stall

The AJC’s Steve Wyche reported that trade talks between the Falcons and Oakland Raiders over cornerback DeAngelo Hall were close in that a deal was likely to be done within a day or two. But NFL.com’s Adam Schefter contrasted that report, indicating that negotiations have stalled due to Hall’s contract demands.

The Falcons and Raiders have already agreed on compensation for Hall. The Raiders have agreed to send their second and sixth round picks to the Falcons in exchange for the disgruntled cornerback. But the deal won’t be finalized until Hall agrees to a long-term contract with the Raiders. Hall is entering the final year of his contract and could be a free agent after the upcoming season. The Raiders are unwilling to give up such a high premium in draft picks if there is no guarantee Hall will be a Raider beyond this season. Schefter’s report indicated that the optimism seen Sunday evening was completely reversely come Monday evening. Wyche’s report cited an unknown source familiar with the negotiations as indicating the imminence of the deal.

ESPN’s John Clayton backs up Schefter’s report that talks have stalled. Clayton reports that Raiders owner Al Davis is keen to get the deal done. Schefter also reported that a possible solution to the stall in negotiates is a direct intervention by Davis. According to Clayton, the stall is based on the amount of money upfront given to Hall in his new contract. It’s been reported by Clayton that Hall is seeking a six-year $50 million contract. Asante Samuel signed a six-year $57 million contract earlier this off-season with $20 million.

UPDATE: The AJC reports that word from Hall himself indicates the deal is close to being done. He will fly to Oakland on Wednesday, and the contract between he and the Raiders will be finalized on Thursday.

Chris Mortensen indicated on this afternoon’s NFL Live show on ESPN, that Hall’s deal will be around seven years worth $70 million with about $20 million guaranteed.

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