Is A Winning Season Possible?

As you all know by now, Vick was indicted last month on conspiracy charges related to the dogfighting case. I am truly torn on this. Part of me wants him to be cleared and come back, but the other part is ready to move on. I have been defending the guy for years regarding his ability on the field, and he winds up having even more issues off it. I have a Vick jersey, a couple of shirts, and some memorabilia with his image/name on them that I am not willing to display anymore. I was a Falcons fan long before Vick arrived, so it is not like I will be changing allegiances, but I am truly disappointed that the player that I believed would be our best shot of winning a Super Bowl is likely done in Atlanta.

What now? Well, this season is exciting in that there will be a lot of unknowns. We will have a new offense, defense, and several new starters. Jim Mora Jr. managed to take this team to the NFC Championship a few years ago as a rookie head coach, so it would not be unheard of for Bobby Petrino to guide the team to a great season. Personally, I think the team is capable of 10 wins if things fall into place, but anything more than that is very unlikely.

Regarding Joey Harrington, I view him as another Bobby Hebert or Chris Chandler, in that he has been bouncing around in the last couple of years and we are hoping that things ‘click’ for him, as has happened with many veteran QBs after they have enough experience and find a good situation for their skills and personality. If it doesn’t happen, we will be in a good situation to draft Brohm, who played for Petrino at Louisville, and is widely regarded as one of the top QBs in college, and will likely be a first round pick. It is not often that a team can draft a QB and expect him to fully grasp the offense before training camp even starts, so this would be a no-brainer if we were in need of a quarterback next season.

So that’s it, my prediction is 10-6. Am I wrong? Time will tell.

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  1. I might be alone, but I’m not on the Brohm bandwagon yet. The Falcons should take the best QB next year if it comes to that, not the player with the shortest learning curve.

  2. Some would say Brohm represents both the best QB and the one with the lowest learning curve, and that would be great for the Falcons if they were to finish with a poor record. Here’s hoping it doesn’t come to that.

  3. robertlwyche | September 9, 2007 at 5:02 pm |

    you know i have been a fan of the falcons since i was born(1979), i was born in atlanta. i think that if we are going to keep joey harrington, we might as well bring back atlanta fulton county stadium, or play at a high school field because i know a lot of high school players that can tell you that if you can’t pass but have a lane to run, get at least 2 or 3 yards, sure enough the front line wasn’t that good but hey you could have gotten 2 yards. also i think to sum this up is that we really really REALLY NEED A CONSISTENT QUATERBACK POINT BLANK!!!!!!!!!!

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