Is Favre really Favre?

As I’m sure most are aware, Brett Favre is supposedly contemplating a “comeback.” It really doesn’t qualify as a comeback in my book since he’s really not coming back from anything. He said he was retired, but considering it only took him 4 months to change his mind, and many people never thought it was over doesn’t make his retirement seem real.

And now there of course is speculation and discussion about whether the Packers want him back, or will be willing to part ways with him. Personally, I think Favre will be a Packer or nothing this season. Granted, my predictions in this here blog haven’t been too great as of late. But I don’t see the Packers cutting/trading Favre since it will be first of all a PR nightmare, and second it might be the move that puts another team over the top (like say the Vikings). And I think Favre isn’t going to tarnish his image by making a big stink about the Packers not getting rid of him. So they’ll talk, and eventually the Pack will say, Brett you’re either going to be Aaron Rodgers’s backup or retired, and Favre will choose to stay retired.

And while it would be nice poetic justice if Favre ended his career where he started in Atlanta, that has about as good a chance of happening as it would be if…well something extremely remote occurring, such as Favre missing a game. Favre isn’t going to tarnish his legacy by playing for a bad team. So if for some reason he is granted his release or trade, it’s more than likely going to be to a contender.

But another question I wonder about is, Favre really Favre at this point? The guy is a Hall of Famer, so I don’t believe he needs off-season workouts to be successful. But can any team expect to get the same Brett Favre in a place like Minnesota that he could (or was) in Green Bay? He’d be learning a new offense with a new corps of receivers. I mean unless the Vikings pick up Antonio Freeman or Robert Brooks, who says Favre will be able to get on the same page with Bernard Berrian as he was with Donald Driver or Greg Jennings.

Favre is a smart guy and a great quarterback, so it’s not like I expect him to be bad. But unless Mike Holmgren in Seattle picks him up, I’m not sure Favre is going to have the necessary comfort level in another town outside Wisconsin to really be the guy that we all know (and most of us) love.

Just something for all those GMs that are debating whether or not to make a run at Favre if ever possible to think about. Now that wouldn’t stop me from getting him if I really didn’t think my QB was of playoff caliber (like say the Bears or Vikings would), but if you have a decent QB, I gotta believe the Brett Favre that is going to show up in 2008, is going to be closer to the one that played in 2006 rather than 2007.

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