Jackson still wants to play for Falcons

D. Orlando Ledbetter of the AJC dicloses more details of Grady Jackson’s law suit against the Falcons and his future plans with the team.

Included in the suit are three team officials, including head physician Scott Gillogly, head athletic trainer Ron Medlin, and director of pro personnel Les Snead. According to the suit, Gillogly’s medical exam had unreliable results due to the fact that the equipment was not made for a player of his size. Gillogly then reported this to Medlin, who then reported to Snead, which then was reported to KFFL.com and The Sporting News, which then spread to other national media outlets.

It was reported that he failed his physical, which directly prevented his ability to garner a contract of fair market value until the Falcons were able to agree to a lesser three-year deal with him in August.

Jackson does however indicate that he would like to continue to play with the Atlanta Falcons.

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