Jackson sues Falcons

Falcons defensive tackle Grady Jackson has filed suit against the Falcons according to D. Orlando Ledbetter of the AJC. The suit is related to allegations that the franchise released private medical information last spring. According to Jackson’s lawyer, the Falcons released personal health information in relation to possible heart issues, which constitutes an invasion of privacy and defamation.

Last spring, the Falcons attempted to sign Jackson, but reports said he had weighed 400 pounds and failed his physical. The Falcons would later sign Jackson in August, when his weight was down.

Ledbetter writes that is rare for a player to file suit against the team that he currently plays for. Team spokesman Reggie Roberts indicated that this is part of a ploy from Jackson and his agent to get a new contract.

The Falcons have been in recent talks with free agent defensive tackles and claimed Anthony Bryant off waivers earlier today. It is unknown how this potential suit will play out down the road and whether or not Jackson plans to play for the Falcons this year with the suit pending. Thus far, Jackson has been absent from the team’s off-season conditioning program.

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