Jackson to discover fate

Falcons defensive tackle Grady Jackson will have a hearing for the league to hear his appeal tomorrow. Jackson has been suspended four games by the NFL due to a violation of the league’s steroid policy. Jackson took an illegal substance called Bumetanide, which can be used for weight loss as well as a masking agent for steroids.

Jackson tested positive for Bumetanide due to his taking of StarCaps diet pills. Jackson has filed a lawsuit against the company that manufactures StarCaps for false advertising and unfair business practices per the AJC.

While Jackson was suspended shortly after his positive test was first revealed in October, he has been able to still play for the Falcons since due to his appealing the suspension. After his hearing on Friday, he and the Falcons will know if his suspension will be dropped or upheld. If the suspension is upheld, Jackson won’t miss this weekend’s game against the Carolina Panthers. But instead will begin serving his suspension the following week and will not be available to play again until the final game of the season versus the St. Louis Rams on December 28.

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