Jerry ascending in absence of Babineaux

I’m the first person to criticize how disappointing Peria Jerry’s Falcons career has been so far, but he has stepped up so far this season and is making an impact on the Falcons interior. Especially with Jonathan Babineaux out.

Now Jerry’s performance still doesn’t hold a candle to Babineaux, at least the Babineaux that Falcons fans have regularly seen over the past three seasons. But Jerry has shown improvement in this critical third year of his career. That is about the amount of time it takes for most defensive tackles to develop.

While Jerry still has a ways to go before he can live up to his draft status, he at least is showing himself to be a competent starter through the first two weeks of this season. The Falcons will need that arrow to continue to point up as Babineaux will still be out for at least a few more weeks with his knee injury.

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