League releases Falcons schedule

The Falcons schedule was released today, featuring the Falcons in primetime twice. Their first primetime game will be in a Thursday night matchup at home against the Baltimore Ravens in Week 10, which will air on NFL Network. In Week 16, they get to close out Monday Night Football on ESPN with another home game against the New Orleans Saints.

The Falcons kick off the season with a road game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. That is followed up by their home opener against the Arizona Cardinals. Their first division game comes in Week 3 against the Saints, which they will play on the road.

It is followed up by another home outing against the San Francisco 49ers, followed by two road games against the Cleveland Browns and Philadelphia Eagles.

The Falcons bye comes at the midpoint in Week 8. It’s preceded by a home game vs. the Cincinnati Bengals, and followed by two home outings against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Ravens.  What follows is four road games in their next five games, against the St. Louis Rams (Week 11), Tampa Bay (13), Carolina (14), and Seattle (15). It’s only broken up by a home game against the Green Bay Packers. The Falcons close out the season with a home game against the Panthers.

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